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  • Sufferlandia Knighhood. Anyone attempted this?

    I did it 4 or so years ago. I believe I was the 3rd dame at the time....I timed it right before I had ankle surgery such that I had weeks of forced recovery time after.

    Pretty much what I remember is sitting down on the floor after 11 straight hours of sufferfest in my living room alone, and then realizing that I couldn't get up, and basically pulling myself with my arms over to the refrigerator so I could eat a whole jar of peanut butter.
  • Calling all chubsters - Holidays Posts of Shame

    After much hard work and dedication, my chocolate consumption has finally outpaced my cycling and swimming. Evidenced by the following conversation with my kind, elderly Italian neighbors yesterday:
    "Adrienne! You look good!"
    "Why thank you, I mean I just came from the pool, but-"
    "No, your face! It is fat again!"
    M_WareAaronWebsteyBrent_RSteve Halewskitcaley5kjrunninsimonsen77lakercrDawnCneil5youngCraig_Dpete
  • Let's See Your Critters

    This is Colby. I decided it would be smart to dog sit while working nights. Colby has an impressive 13-hr bladder and likes to eat origami cranes while I'm gone.
    M_WareItsShugKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyJennifer PostTad_Mregular_markkjrunninCraig_DIanLslickfins_Ryan
  • DK200 - Final Roll Call

    Finish line photo credit @Dark_mark. He said inspiring and helpful things to me all day including:
    "You look filthy."
    "Get out of here."
    "You were pissed off so we figured you were ok."

    No but for real, having extra people around who were just super excited to see you all day was great - thanks @Dark_mark @M_Ware @ItsShug
  • Treading lightly around track/speed workouts

    @KenElPescadoPelado et al.

    Lots of pluses and minuses. Obviously do whatever works for you/is fun, but I'm assuming I'm being consulted for the compendium of information in my brain, so bullet points:

    1. The clearest benefit is that it does force you to hit your pace. This is arguably beneficial for neuromuscular training. Long course triathletes in particular are probably bad at things like turnover, and having it forced on you in small doses will get you those adaptations.

    2. Con: I really think it's important to know how to run by feel/know what different paces feel like when you want to "change gears" outside. Although with the advent of garmins, this is now a lost art outside as well. I have a long rant about this stored up somewhere.

    3. I've wondered about the relative importance of the above in triathlon vs pure running. The treadmill forcing you to keep running a pace when already fatigued seems more analogous to what's going to happen in a triathlon. Never used the treadmill back in my more serious running days unless it was dangerous outside, because #2 is extremely important when you're running 10k in circles.

    4. The psychology of treadmill vs outside is extremely interesting. Treadmill takes less mental effort (similar to having a rabbit in a track or road race). Is this a good thing or a bad thing? By decreasing cognitive fatigue, you can put out more physical effort for sure. But you also need to teach yourself to perform under cognitive load at some point.

    5. Injury risk. Obviously if there's a sheet of ice or the apocalypse happening outside, treadmill is a safer bet. Treadmill is a more forgiving surface than outside, so less impact (but you'll be in for a shock when you hit the roads again). The big BUT is that this may be counteracted by the fact that your foot strikes the surface pretty much the exact same way each time on the treadmill (as opposed to even slightly varying terrain outside), so higher risk for repetitive stress.
    M_WareHSeeley14KenElPescadoPeladokjrunninGranpa ChookbalsdorfBrent_Rmbrekk44
  • Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep. 8 BEN HOBBS!

    I enjoyed this.
    For the reasons so eloquently detailed by Tad above, as well as as a reminder of ye olden days. Ben is still a good talker.
    M_WareGranpa ChookTad_MgregkAaronWebsteykjrunninCraig_D
  • Hip-hop preferences

    Hit the easy button: "Hip Hop BBQ" station on Pandora.

    My favorite doctor (Dre) is notably missing from the above mentions. I came home from elementary school rapping NWA once (because that's what the bus driver played) and that's probably the closest I ever came to being on the receiving end of corporal punishment.
  • New challenge with the wife?

    Polygamy also strikes me as an easy way to make more money off this. Quicker than cheeseburgers.
  • Trainer Season Is Here - What To Binge Watch?

    Just finished all of House of Lies (Prime), not on the trainer, but while charting which is even more boring. Endorse.
  • Saddle Sores - Advice Please

    Separate. I'm sure you could try them simultaneously but I'm envisioning a giant mess.

    Manuka honey is super expensive (at least in the US, from what I've seen), but I do know people who swear by it for saddle sores. A lot of hospitals in Aus/New Zealand actually use it for wound care. It's legit. If you want to go down a science rabbit hole, pubmed it.

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