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  • Sufferlandia Knighhood. Anyone attempted this?

    I did it 4 or so years ago. I believe I was the 3rd dame at the time....I timed it right before I had ankle surgery such that I had weeks of forced recovery time after.

    Pretty much what I remember is sitting down on the floor after 11 straight hours of sufferfest in my living room alone, and then realizing that I couldn't get up, and basically pulling myself with my arms over to the refrigerator so I could eat a whole jar of peanut butter.
  • Calling all chubsters - Holidays Posts of Shame

    After much hard work and dedication, my chocolate consumption has finally outpaced my cycling and swimming. Evidenced by the following conversation with my kind, elderly Italian neighbors yesterday:
    "Adrienne! You look good!"
    "Why thank you, I mean I just came from the pool, but-"
    "No, your face! It is fat again!"
    M_WareAaronWebsteyBrent_RSteve Halewskitcaley5kjrunninsimonsen77lakercrDawnCneil5youngCraig Dpete
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    @mbrekk44 did you poop in a toilet? pics or it didn't happen
    @Evan if you must know, I'm waiting to get released from the hospital when I poop. I've been trying for 2 days. Milk of magnesia, prune juice, Mira lax, coffee, Senna, and 2 suppository down, or I should say up.. next, is the ever loved enema
    @mbrekk44 What is this, amateur hour? Throw some mag citrate at that shit.

    Tad_Machrowiczsimonsen77M_Warembrekk44Craig DwchevronAaronWebsteyBrew_TriKenElPescadoPeladoMartinet5504
  • DK200 - Final Roll Call

    Finish line photo credit @Dark_mark. He said inspiring and helpful things to me all day including:
    "You look filthy."
    "Get out of here."
    "You were pissed off so we figured you were ok."

    No but for real, having extra people around who were just super excited to see you all day was great - thanks @Dark_mark @M_Ware @ItsShug
  • 8/21/2017--Eclipse, who's watching?

    Working overnight so just super excited it'll be dark during the day. Thanks lunar calendar!
    M_WareAaronWebsteyMamaCheetahCraig Didking90Jennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladosimonsen77
  • TRS117 - Ryan Hall & Will Clarke

    @Dark_mark I knew eventually someone would figure it out.

    But real chief complaints: "heat exhaustion, mowing lawn while on PCP." "Bitten on hand by boyfriend who was on PCP." "Fall from ladder, took PCP earlier."
    M_WarewchevronAaronWebsteyItsShugKenElPescadoPeladombrekk44Tad_MachrowiczGranpa Chook
  • Half Marathon Time/Pacing Help

    So much overthinking and math. Just effing run.

    N=1 and from a running background, so take this with a grain of salt. When I'm in sub-20 off the bike shape (it's been a while), my open half is usually in the 1:20s. You don't really need more volume, just do a couple of quality interval/tempo sessions a week. Price-is-right prediction is 1:25:02.
    RashMattGranpa Chookmbrekk44AaronWebsteyEvan
  • Talk me into (or out of) a ultra distance trail run.

    Do it. You'll be fine. I've found that jumping into up to 25k is no problem off of regular old training (which for me is 2 trail shuffles a week, plus a bunch of bike miles). Did one 50k on gravel roads, that was much more painful and I'd recommend actually training for that. Plus there's usually whiskey at the trail run aid stations, which helps immensely. The variation in stress on your body from dodging rocks/roots/etc will tear you up much less than pounding a pavement marathon even though it takes longer.
  • Heart click

    Mitral valve prolapse.

    But just for the record, as much as I like winning, I also hope it's nothing.
  • MI Coast to Coast - Anyone racing?

    Thinkin about doing this one instead of DK next year, schedule gods & travel companion-willing. DK's gone almost full-blown corporate, Ironman style.

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