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  • Sufferlandia Knighhood. Anyone attempted this?

    I did it 4 or so years ago. I believe I was the 3rd dame at the time....I timed it right before I had ankle surgery such that I had weeks of forced recovery time after.

    Pretty much what I remember is sitting down on the floor after 11 straight hours of sufferfest in my living room alone, and then realizing that I couldn't get up, and basically pulling myself with my arms over to the refrigerator so I could eat a whole jar of peanut butter.
  • Calling all chubsters - Holidays Posts of Shame

    After much hard work and dedication, my chocolate consumption has finally outpaced my cycling and swimming. Evidenced by the following conversation with my kind, elderly Italian neighbors yesterday:
    "Adrienne! You look good!"
    "Why thank you, I mean I just came from the pool, but-"
    "No, your face! It is fat again!"
    M_WareAaronWebsteyBrent_RSteve Halewskitcaley5kjrunninsimonsen77lakercrDawnCneil5youngOverSwimmerCraig_Dpete
  • DK200 - Final Roll Call

    Finish line photo credit @Dark_mark. He said inspiring and helpful things to me all day including:
    "You look filthy."
    "Get out of here."
    "You were pissed off so we figured you were ok."

    No but for real, having extra people around who were just super excited to see you all day was great - thanks @Dark_mark @M_Ware @ItsShug
  • New Caffeine Product: FireStar Energy

    BW_Tri said:
    sugar, caffeine, hydrogenated vegetable oil and flavoring does sound super HEALTHY for you!
    Better than what is currently out on the market?  Maybe "healthier" option?
    *Disclaimer, I recognize that I'm being a PIA and respect that you're trying to make a living.

    Devil's advocate: regular coffee has 0 calories or crap. Caffeine patches have zero calories or crap, an appropriate safe dose of caffeine, are triathlon-legal, and slow-release. I checked out this product's website out of curiosity and am not super impressed with their claims of "science" but zero data provided on the efficacy, or what their slow-release process is.

    Caffeine works because it blocks adenosine receptors in your brain. If you want it to be more effective, get it across the blood brain barrier with some theobromine. Organic chem FTW!
  • Psst - wanna see something gross?

    @Adrienne Taren put up or shut up!!  What have you got?

    Please don't actually shut up though, #sworry
    Fortunately for everyone, I seem to have deleted all the pics of the two times my chin has been stitched back together. When I skid out on gravel, I consistently lead with my chin. And according to my mother, this is why I'm single.
  • Diamondback Andean

    There is a more in depth look from LAVA, who actually sat in with them for an entire year through development of this bike to the launch. interesting stuff from that type of perspective.
    My favorite line from this article is "Pure-bred, no-holds-barred non-drafting triathletes." ... I'm not so sure those unicorns are going to be the ones buying this bike.
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    @M Ware Do the PT. Knee scopes are generally NBD and you can get back on the bike w/in the week typically, but a lot of orthos will admit that meniscus surgery is not usually a necessity.

    If you don't want to actually have to go to PT, you can probably find every exercise they'd give you online. However, the brilliant thing about PT is that it actually requires you to do those exercises.
  • Psst - wanna see something gross?

    Now that's terrifying.
  • Any tips for running in the rain?

    Visor to keep water out of your eyes if you weren't planning on that already. In heavy rain I always have trouble seeing with water running down my face.

    And have fun. Jump in the puddles. YOLO and all that.
  • Help from the ladies

    On a more helpful note, if she's willing to do 2-piece, the Tyr workout bikinis are great for lap swimming, and eliminate the torso problem.

    One piece wise, I like Tyr. I don't have a super long torso, but still felt scrunched in Finals and Orca suits. Can't speak to any other brands. As mentioned above, poly has a little less give, but I always go with poly - the lycra ones seem to disintegrate within a few months. I have a Tyr suit made with their durafast elite stuff, whatever magic that goes into that has been going strong for 6 months now. Pricier but they're always on sale in the tyr outlet store if you're not too picky about design.

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