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AJ Baucco
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  • Will Ben Hobbs let me Coach him?

    Back in Kona, Ben was talking about getting fit for 2017 and doing some races with the team. Well now is his chance to put his money where his mouth is (literally)....

    I have one spot open on my personal athlete roster. I haven't taken a new athlete on in well over a year. I like to keep my personal roster on the smaller side so it is very rare that I take on new athletes. I am confident that I can roll up my sleeves and turn Ben into a less fat version of himself. I believe in him.

    This is Ben's chance, but if he doesn't want the spot... I am happy to give it to someone else that's a good fit.
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    Get ready people, we are just about ready to open the applications for the 2018 teams. We are making some big improvements for next year, so that we can continue to grow these teams and slowly take over the sport of triathlon!! B)

    1) Applications for the 2018 teams will be opening sometime in the next 7-10 days. We will keep everyone posted. If you were on last years team, make sure to LOG IN before you apply. That will autofill all of last years info and you can then just make updates as needed.

    2) Current team members should take advantage of the referral program. Invite you friend to join the team and we will knock $50 off your registration. This is only for returning members, not new members.

    3) Pricing will be the SAME as last year: $269 for returning members, $319 for new members. Even though pricing is the same, we are adding more value, and high quality custom team items.

    4) We are making upgrades to the "team gear package". We have a new kit design with Castelli (see attached) and team members can still pick and choose which gear they want, new team t-shirt, a much nicer quality hat, custom team water bottles (with nutrition), custom team swim cap, possibly a custom team pint glass, and more. No more coupons, handouts or lower quality items.

    5) We are adding more industry discounts for 2018

    6) We will be organizing MANY regional and local team races, but the big team races for 2018 will be: Wildflower, Boulder 70.3, Toughman NY, Age Group Nationals in Cleveland, and Challenge Aruba.

    Reach out to me ( if you have any questions or comments. Looking forward to another year with everyone.

    kjrunninMattPreachSwansonKenElPescadoPeladoCraig DAaronWebsteyKuchTad_Machrowiczmbrekk44scottyBrent_REvanRobert RankinA_MonroeBrew_TriMamaCheetahOverBiker_Samphillind_triHSeeley14
  • Swim Band - Thoughts

    Band swimming was the reason I went from off the back to front pack in a few years. It helped my body position, but also increased my turnover and eliminated glide from the beginning of my stroke, which was really important when improving open water swimming.

    Here is a quick breakdown for those people are unfamiliar:

    Swimming with a band is the best way to develop proper body position and arm turnover. It also eliminates any pausing at the front end of your stroke, which is very helpful for triathletes that race in open water environments. With an old bike tube cut and tied around your ankles, attempt to swim without using your kick to maintain body position. In order to do this, you need to press your chest deep into the water. Keep your head down and focus 6 inches in front of where you are swimming, do not look up at where the wall is, because that will force your hips and legs to sink. Do not pause or glide at the front end of your stroke, and keep your arm turnover constant.

    Avoid any front quadrant swimming where both of your arms are in front of your body at one time. If you glide too much at the front end or pick your head up at all, your feet and hips will immediately sink making it much harder to get across the pool.

    Swimming with a band takes a GREAT DEAL of patience and practice in order to permanently affect your overall body position and turnover.
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  • Will Ben Hobbs let me Coach him?

    You should give me and Ben identical training programs and see who loses more weight and/or gains more %speed. I'm currently just over 200lbs (and only 5'10") and have been struggling to get through 30 mins on the TM.
    That could be fun. I would be down.
    M_WareGasBombkjrunninsimonsen77MamaCheetahHensatcGrantInSLCAaronWebsteyTad_MachrowiczCraig DNotSoFatLewHSeeley14
  • The Official Beer Mile Discussion

    I took @AaronWebstey 's advice and wrote a fun little article called "7 Tips for Your Next Beer Mile". If anyone wants to do a beer mile, there are a few good pointers about beer selection, shit talking your opponents, and celebrating your victory (or loss).
    StruangItsShugM_WareGrantInSLCTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteyDawnCmbrekk44KuchCraig DJames Lange
  • Using Power to Get Stronger this Off Season

    Despite everyone making fun of me for posting about things related to getting better at triathlon, I will continue to share some good articles.

    This one is from one of my coaches, Ryan McCready and is related to using power to get stronger this off season.

    If interested, give it a read:

  • The Science Behind Performance

    Who is ready to nerd out?!?!?

    This week, AJ Baucco Coaching, brings you an article from Dan Feeney and Melissa Mazzo of Velocity Canyon Endurance Project. It's important for all endurance athletes to understand some of the science behind high performance. Check the article out here.

    Article is written by: Dan Feeney, M.S. in Biomechanics and Melissa Mazzo, B.S. Exercise Physiology (both from the University of Delaware). Dan is a PhD candidate in neurophysiology at the University of Colorado and Melissa is about to complete her masters in Integrative Physiology. Both Dan and Melissa are avid triathletes and runners.
    GasBombM_WarelakercrGrantInSLCRobert RankinItsShugDawnCellsworth53tHSeeley14
  • Improving your Swim Technique

    I have been drinking a bit of whisky tonight so I suppose I am in a perfect state of mind to start writing the How-to beer mile article...
  • AJ Baucco Coaching / TRS Triathlon Florida Training Camp

    Happy to announce that we will have camp hydration / nutrition for all workouts from Infinit Nutrition.

    We also are adding more items to our camp swag bags. These will include a free pair of XX2i Sunglasses, a Custom hat from Endurance Conspiracy, goggles / race belt / swim cap from Blueseventy, a race visor from Stages Cycling and much more. Athletes will also receive exclusive discounts from all camp sponsors.

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