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  • Ryf is not a doper, here is the evidence.

    Being in the position I am in now, I hear things that others may not and those things have made me skeptical and cynical of the sport. These are things I would never repeat publicly, but if true, would leave a lot of fans crestfallen and professionals angry and the sport in disarray.

    I was actually just asking myself yesterday if I hate this sport now. I suspect everybody. I get no enjoyment out of amazing performances. Most every performance comes with an asterisk in my mind and there are only a few good professionals that I think are clean. There are even a few that I had always considered clean, but now I feel that have may have recently taken that step. People I would call friends.

    Ben has more or less become a presence in the sport now, and with it there is some responsibility, sure. The TRS dingleberries such as myself and Webstey do need to be prudent with our thoughts. Aaron does that very well - however naively - but he can't help that. He's Canadian.

    So @rash, you are absolutely right when you say we have to be more careful in this area, and I believe I am based on what I am omitting.

    I don't even know what I was talking about. So in summation, I think the new ninja turtle movies succeed in a few areas, but ultimately they leave a lot to be desired.
    jakesaundersAaronWebsteyM_WareJennifer PostRobert Rankinidking90A_drizzleMartinCraig_DwspeytonKPSwim13Mattsimonsen77RashpeteDawnCyournotuniqueJames LangeTad_MkhwilliamsonHSeeley14KenElPescadoPeladoMamaCheetahfyrehaar
  • Official TRS costume contest

    ItsShugAaronWebsteyMattmbrekk44yournotuniquesimonsen77Craig_DKenElPescadoPeladojakesaundersM_WarekjrunninmaggierubalsdorfMartinDerekLGranpa ChookTad_Mregular_marktwig05Johns622NHetroJames Langerangamel
  • Painting Bicycling Shoes

    I painted some bike shoes. I got these LG's for I think $60. I was going to hack them into tri shoes but then I didn't. I used Sharpie paint pens. There is a lot I would do differently next time. Mainly I would slow down, and I would not use Sharpie paint pens; rather I would buy fancy Japanese paint pens and maybe take some Adderall. These are okay but not great. Anyway, take a look at my obscene bike shoes.

  • So Hobbs quits and then...

    I don't know how to say this but

    Finkle is Einhorn
    Empfield is Hobbs
    GasBombAaronWebsteyItsShugRobert RankinShepherdsimonsen77PreachSwansonMattRyan Heislerellsworth53tAdam WJason LentzkewchevronKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_DTad_MJames Lange
  • Completed Ironman... other people's condescending remarks

    I thought you were banned from Slowtwitch
    peteAndrew Millerellsworth53tneil5youngHSeeley14wchevronDawnCFastCat1107TheActualPaulombrekk44Craig_DGasBombGregwarrorangamel
  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

    Funny story a friend of mine has regarding this.

    After college, my friend was living with his folks. We went out one night and got hammered. He went home and apparently ordered hundreds of dollars worth of porn - nothing wrong with that. Except that he lived with his parents.

    In the morning he realized that he was having several boxes of pornography being shipped to his parents doorstep. In order to catch the boxes before his parents did, he had to have a friend wait outside his house all day to catch the shipment of smut before his parents got back from work.

    The most embarrassing part of this was that he paid for pornography while using a computer.
    simonsen77GasBombmbrekk44neil5youngSteve HalewskiAaronWebsteyKPSwim13EvankjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoTad_MyournotuniqueHSeeley14
  • BAAW Thread?

    That's as good as you're going to get. Maybe I'll upgrade to the Enve disc brake wheels. Maybe I won't.

    dhryournotuniqueMattregular_markM_WareEvansimonsen77GasBombRobert RankinKenElPescadoPelado
  • TriRig Omni

    here ya go ya hosiers

    simonsen77Craig_DAaronWebsteywchevronRobert RankinTad_MMattkjrunnindhr
  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

    Sometimes things should be black

    M_WareAdam WAaronWebsteysimonsen77Tad_MbalsdorfMattMatt_Froese
  • Lionel Sanders is his own worst enemy

    every time i read a pubes post

    regular_markAaronWebsteyGasBombMartindoyoueventribroRobert Rankinpete

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