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Jennifer Post
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  • One of our own hit on the bike.

    For those of you following along at home, I am sure you've read about Mitch's love for Gatorade in the Caringbridge updates. On the topic of the camaraderie of this sport as @Craig D mentioned, I wanted to give you a bit of background on the Gatorade care package Mitch received. I think it says so much about the friendships we make at races and here on the forum.

    Back in 2010 I was in Budapest with a friend that was racing ITU Worlds. My friend and I ended up meeting an athlete from Boulder. We became friends and have kept in touch through these years. Visits in Seattle and Boulder and even a trip to OtillO in Sweden two years ago when he raced and I helped sherpa.

    Anyway, my friend does rep work for Gatorade Endurance at events. We were chatting and I told him about Mitch. How I didn't really know him but enjoyed his postings on the forum and Jenna kept mentioning in the updates how much he liked Gatorade. I asked with Boulder 70.3 coming up, if he might be able to send Mitch some swag from his race stash. My friend (@traveledeyes on IG if you want to check out his cool photos of Boulder and environs) said he'd contact the team at Corporate he works with on events since they have the better stuff. He sent along Mitch's Caringbridge URL and within minutes, the team responded that they would send something immediately. This was just on Monday. It really does say so much about our community and how we come together at races or online and create friendships and care about each other.

    ItsShugM_WareCraig DTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteyRashkjrunninmbrekk44jakesaundersPevashishDaulRyan HeislerMattKenElPescadoPeladoBrent_RMartinPreachSwansonRobert RankinEvanMamaCheetahyournotunique
  • Ben Hobbs - is that really you?

    @maggieru I admire you for taking the time to try to address these issues at Slowtwitch. You said what many of us feel but we just silently walked away. In my case it was disgust at the boy's club and the virtual handjobs given to Rappstar whenever he posts. I went back and checked the thread. Wasn't Rappstar the one who said that post was the "post of the year" or does my screen capture look like it was hacked? As a leader of Slowtwitch, it looks like he chose to condone that behavior. Anyone that's done any type of work in social media communities knows how banning users and praising users sets the tone of the forum and what is considered acceptable. I think you were perfectly right to call them out on the BS. It isn't "the forum", it is their management of the forum that allows that culture.

    M_WareAaronWebsteyMattdhrCraig DmaggieruGasBombKuchRyan HeislerDawnCsronkDerekLRobert RankinTad_Machrowicz
  • Share screenshots of your best ad placements on TriRoost

    I know I've seen a few screenshots of funny ad placements on TriRoost so thought I'd start a thread. I enjoy many discussions but sometimes my favorites are a result of the ads running in the discussions or the board. Here's what was running in my top banner just now.

    balsdorfItsShugmbrekk44kjrunninCraig DAaronWebsteysimonsen77MartinTad_MachrowiczMamaCheetahHSeeley14DHansenTrijayrod
  • POTM November 2017 - UPDATED SCORING

    Was it really a Kia? When friends bring up training accidents in conversations, I always shut them down by telling them your story and amazing recovery. But I always thought it was a big ol’ truck. I think at some point I took creative license and started saying the truck was rolling coal.

    I like my version better so think I will stick with it.
    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyMartinCraig DkjrunninwchevronTad_MachrowiczmaggieruRobert RankinMattMamaCheetah
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    I just can't get past the idea that Rapp posted he thought he was going to win Kona in 2016. He admitted to having poor seasons in 2013 and 2014 on Specialized and got dropped. He blames Dimond for his 2015 season and lack of Kona win in 2016. He's now on Diamondback and DNFed at Texas. But, of course, he blames Dimond lawsuit for that result.

    Call me crazy but I see the issue as the athlete and not the bike brand. I understand it sucks to lose prime competitive years to a horrific accident and the frustration in not reaching a level thought capable before the accident. But, it doesn't change the fact that faster and better athletes are beating's not about the bike.
    EvanGasBombAaronWebsteyfyrehaarsimonsen77SeanHMartinmbrekk44Granpa ChookkjrunninTRS_tri
  • Kona Top 5 Picks- Updated with winners**(Preliminary)

    My IG feed opened to Don's post. It was alarming to see. Glad he is ok. But WTF with comments like, "things happen for a reason" and "it is all part of the process?" @mbrekk44 If people said crap like that to you after your accident I hope you punched them. I prefer the more honest "fucking sucks" like Sanders posted.
  • Tim Don = Badass (according to NYTimes)

    Fun fact. “Galen” means “crazy” in Swedish.
    KenElPescadoPeladomaggieruM_WareTad_MachrowiczMartinAaronWebsteyJohns622Granpa Chookkjrunnin
  • February 2018 Challenge

    My club hosted a USMS meet in January. I've never been a fast swimmer so I try to motivate myself by thinking of the long-term health benefits instead. Stuff like this gets me in the pool on days when I am struggling with motivation.
    Two World Records were set by 70-year-old Dan Kirkland of Lake Washington Masters at the BC Masters' Mile yesterday. Dan broke records set in 2001 by Olympian and International Hall of Fame inductee Graham Johnston. Dan's 800-meter split of 10:28.96 bettered the old record of 10:52.68 and his 1500-meter time of 19:52.89 beat Graham's 20:54.56. Congratulations Dan!
  • Honour thy parents

    My parents met at Cal Berkeley. Dad was a junior (21) and mom a sophomore (18). Married now for over 60 years. Only after my dad's mother and father passed away, did my dad share with my mom that his parents tried to talk him out of getting married because it wouldn't last.
    M_WareTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteykjrunninMattCraig DMartin
  • The Return Of Wildflower!

    Beer mile AND nude run? A little bit disappointed in Wildflower. Should have been a nude beer mile to keep its reputation. Perhaps next year.

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