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  • Strong possibility of being banned on ST today

    I'm sure this won't go over well. Curious if it'll just be deleted or I'll get banned. Time will tell.

    M_WareDawnCMattRobert RankinScollydsmeggersIan GrahamRirinetteJames LangeRyan Heislermorganstyertoddcurtis_gtotheoffGentlemanJerseyDavedazzer2aHSeeley14yournotunique
  • Free beer for TRS members at Austin 70.3

    Well, wife came in second OA. I think that means we can both get trashed now.
    HensatcjakesaundersM_WareKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_DAaronWebsteyKPSwim13WadeCutterRobert Rankinmbrekk44balsdorfItsShuglakercrPreachSwansonEvanElaine Kkjrunnin
  • Ironman Texas Aquathon?

    @GasBomb I thought this one was better:

    M_Wareespej09GasBombbalsdorfItsShugRyan HeislerA_drizzlesimonsen77Brent_RrigpigMatt_FroeseJoshRFastCat1107peteAaronWebstey
  • TRS Latest Podcast (Intro on Bahrain)

    I would love to hear this discussion. I have absolutely no basis for opinion or bias so I think it would be interesting to hear the arguments from both sides.
    Ryan HeislerwchevronRobert RankinMartinJames LangeBrent_RAaronWebsteylisasmelserCraig_Dtoddcurtis_pete
  • I'm Hurt - my injury mea culpa

    This is an amazing thread. I get a small amount of solace knowing the Hansen's aren't the only ones going through this. I'm also sorry you're all in this boat too.

    I thought I had peroneal tendinitis starting mid-December. Stopped running, started on the elliptical. Put off a Dr.'s visit and MRI thinking it wasn't needed. Into January it wasn't getting better and finally scheduled a visit. He suggested an MRI, but I've spent so much money on the medical needs of the wife and the dog that I really didn't have cash for myself, so I put it off, focusing on rehab exercises, what I considered 'rest' (cutting back from 5 hours on elliptical per week to 2.5 to 3), and hoping it would get better in a couple more weeks. Finally the pain sifted to a new part of the tendon near my foot and I had to stop biking. So now with no biking, no running, limited elliptical, all I had was swimming. I fucking hate swimming. I scheduled the MRI and started swimming between 4,500 and 5K yards per day (denial to the extreme).

    Result - I'm now in a boot, MRI says torn peroneal, and I just wasted 3 months of bullshit training and can't do shit in this thing for 4 to 6 weeks. Just transferred out of Ironman Texas for Ironman Coeur d'Alene.

    Beyond anything the mental anguish is insane. And of course very few people at work even comprehend - "oh poor Dave can't do his exercising." I also can't complain to my wife since that poor thing has been in pain for over a year from her crash in Cozumel and still isn't doing well.
    M_WareAaronWebsteysimonsen77GentlemanJerseyDaveRyan HeislerHSeeley14Tad_M
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    So my wife left town on Friday. I decided I'd make myself a 22lbs turkey because the wife never lets me indulge in my turkey fetish. My dog, who hasn't been eating shit for more than a week, fell in love with my turkey. She wolfed it down like she used to when she was healthy. And now since feeding her the turkey she's eating sooo much better and is actually starting to resemble a healthy, normal dog (except all she wants is human food and gives me the finger when I try and give her the healthy kidney friendly dog food she's supposed to eat). I actually have hope now...

    The moral of the story? My wife not only is ruining my life by not letting me eat enough turkey, but she's killing my dog. What a bitch...
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    My wife made me run a 10k just so we could win the husband / wife category. We've been waiting for awards post race for about 1.5 hours now. If we didn't win this I'm going to kill shit. At least I get 2x the pie as @DawnC .
  • Serious discussion about triathletes/assholes

    I think the vast majority of the triathletes I come across, both locally and at races (at least those I connect with) are pretty good people overall. A few have some douche tendencies. Seems like there are a ton of assholes on ST. Why do assholes seem to attract themselves to ST? Maybe it's just that the assholes standout.

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