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Zach Miller


Zach Miller
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  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Did my first ultra marathon this year, went straight to the 100 mile mark. 17:45, 11th overal, 8th USATF, 1st age group

    mbrekk44MattEvankjrunninjakesaundersTad_MAaronWebsteyGasBombRobert RankinKuchA_drizzlesimonsen77HensatcCraig_DDawnCKenElPescadoPeladofyrehaarM_WareMattpattBW_TrirangamelGentlemanJerseyDavesronkjohnlittsMamaCheetah
  • Free beer for TRS members at Austin 70.3

    Sorry I confused everybody with a different kits, but I rocked the trs hat the whole time. Secret weapon is the TRS trucker hat!
    Tad_Mmbrekk44simonsen77M_WareAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_Dneil5youngItsShuglakercrDerekLPreachSwansonbalsdorfEvanElaine KDHansenTriKMRyanTrikjrunnin
  • 2016 Facial hair, BSB for the WIN! Warning Selfies coming!

    M_Warewchevronbalsdorfsimonsen77KenElPescadoPeladojakesaunderstwig05rigpigGranpa ChookMattGasBombmbrekk44Craig_DFastCat1107
  • First Road Race

    Well that went okay... No crashes
    I didn't really know how the races were lining up, thinking I was in the top half of the cat4/5 race I was actually dead last just in front of the cat 5 only race, hello yes newbie here!

    Pace was easy and not what I was use too since I rode by myself usually, I saw a couple people make moves but none of them developed, I finally made my way to the front with about 15 miles left! Instead of waiting and trying to gather a couple people to go with me, I saw an opening on the far right and just went hard, nobody jumped on my wheel, so I was off by myself, I lead with about a 200-400 meter lead for about 3 miles, one hill got me and the group brought me back in.

    I stayed in the top 20 and wanted to make another move with about 5 miles out, before the pace picked up, I got stuck in the middle and one guy went off the front, there was 4 guys at the front blocking everybody else, people near me and behind were yelling to go get the front guy but those 4 never moved. At one point I decided to join in and yell "opening on the right go go go!!" Well there was no opening but it freaked the top guys out and everybody started to go, it worked we had spaced people out and we were all one again

    Right turn left turn things were fast, and I knew my chances were gone, I just focused staying straight and upright, left turn, 1 mile out 2-3 people went down, in the front, that's when I decided I was not going to out sprint any of these guys and just rode it in, everybody past me and I finished behind most

    There was at least 3 crashes I saw in my races, I stayed up right the whole time and learned a decent amount, and got in a better workout then I would of by myself, since I was borrowing a bike it would of been interesting to see my power numbers since that is all I train and race by, would of be interesting if I just had 1-2 other people that I knew to at least push the pace with, maybe could of rode off the front right away , I had gps so will be able to at least look at paces on strava
  • I WON QR Frame

    I have decided to go against everything I listed!

    I am going to keep the PRsix and build it up with etap 1x and use as my new tri bike. I do not need a bike until 70.3 worlds so I have time to find money in the drains over the next several months.

    I am going to convert my Felt DA into a road bike to satisfy @Dark_mark , will keep 10 speed on that until later.
    mbrekk44simonsen77EmilyCocksMartinAaronWebsteyTad_MRyan HeislerMark_after_DarkRobert RankinCraig_D
  • Triathlon Preview Show 70

    @Rash cant start giving away my kona thoughts already! I have some good thoughts on pushing the swim and bike pace I will give detail on later, both men and women
  • Wheel configuration help

    So does that mean we went from the running shoe equivalent of Racing Flats to Minimalist to Hoka now back to Racing Flats?
    it means that nothing beats training hard and no one person or one wheel to frame set up is the same.
    train hard^3 + (buy gear + use gear)= success
  • IM Kona Fantasy Contest Paid Out and Feedback

    we are trying to look at everything, and find out what will be legal, we had some great plans for next year and were almost ready to announce the details but we will have to wait until some of the legal battle is figured out
  • Ironman Texas Aquathon?

    @Ryan Heisler yes in that presentation precinct 2 was reasonable, but that is his play, in public he is saying all the right things

    harris county is a problem but they are also willing to work is what i have heard, even though they do not see a major impact because the race and most of the hotels are in montgomery

    my main question is if the race is cancelled, can WTC or the woodlands township be sued by the athletes?

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