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  • Doping in Triathlon | TRS Triathlon

    It's funny how my parking spot for bike check in at IMTX was right in front of a huge "GET TESTOSTERONE THERAPY HERE" clinic's sign. Culture's push for drugs to "fix" normal aging is hard to avoid.

    I went in only for a few minutes. I swear. And then tried to have sex with everything that couldn't run away for two weeks.
    AaronWebsteyMattTheoTimOLearyHSeeley14Jason LentzkeScheck48yournotuniquejoelfilliolRyan HeislerGentlemanJerseyDavedrjocymmyetteKenElPescadoPelado
  • SOLVED Diagnose my Bike Problem

    Good! But you still might need another bike. Keep your old crank and just tighten the new bike around it. Just to be sure. :)
  • Do Cool Sh*t Thread (or what you've done that may inspire others)

    I took my son's Boy Scout troop on their required 5 mile hike... on mountain bike trails instead of some lame mellow nature trail. And it was raining. It was brutal, and they LOVED it. :) We were so hungry and tired when done, it was totally worth it.
  • Jesse Thomas saved by duct tape at Peru 70.3

    Ah ha! This is FAKE NEWS and a conspiracy. He planned on using duct tape and that's why his chest was shaved. His jersey was fine, but he wants to switch jersey sponsors. He'll soon set up a page for us to help pay for the lawsuits from Roka. And chemtrails.
    M_Waresimonsen77AaronWebsteyMartinJennifer PostjakesaundersMattSeanHGasBombbrockduke21
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    Hmm... Princeton educated engineer gets sued and begs the tri community to bail him out. Maybe he should have considered other paths for his life. Like attending Yale, where he would learn that if his case is cut and dry, a simple counter suit for legal fees and damages will either a) get this tossed out, or b) net him some much needed cash for his kids' futures. Maybe he should have considered not having 4 kids, but that's just a personal hell I hope to never enter.
    I logged in just to give this all the thumbs up. lol. Awesome.
    Granpa Chookellsworth53tAaronWebsteyMartinGasBombM_WarekjrunninChristineCoggerfyrehaar
  • Is this where I post to get banned from Slowtwitch?

    Starky, you ARE the new Dan. And in 30 years, somebody will call out your bullshit and call themselves "Heavy Doughnut." The name doesn't sense now, cuz it's from the future. You'll see.

    Ryan HeisleryournotuniquejackmottAaronWebsteySteve HalewskiWadeCutterTheoGentlemanJerseyDave
  • Family and racing

    I also let my kid pick my helmet: it's bright orange and awesome. He's still proud of that choice.
    I've got stickers all over my helmet and aerobars that my kid put on there. Transformers, rainbows, "Pow!", stuff like that. I love it. Reminds me that I'm a dad first.

    AaronWebsteyPreachSwansonADRBillyyournotuniqueGentlemanJerseyDaveHSeeley14Steve Halewski
  • Who is my long distance O/W swim guru?

    Now that @ZenTriathlon is posting, maybe he'll have some advice. Except ignore it if it involves butterfly.
    True. Don't listen to me. ;)

    So the way to do it is like this - Treat it just like long course bike or run training. Do a long swim every weekend. Add 10 minutes or so to that long swim until you hit 3 or 4 hours. Bring all your fuel to the edge of the pool and practice stopping every 20 minutes for a quick snack and then keep swimming. Stopping more often than that will damage your finish time. Stopping less often than that will make you bonk.

    Advanced tip - A lot of people are finding adding in ucan to their long fuel helps stabilize blood sugar for stuff where they can't take breaks as often (like long ows). But practice it in training, not just on race day.

  • Ten Best Practices for Endurance Athletes on Facebook | TRS Triathlon

    @Ryan Heisler I dunno. I have an immediate unfollow rule for anybody that has the time and ego to post different sentences about the same green smoothie on three different social media platforms. A company may be different. But a human? I can't run away fast enough.
    Ryan Heislertrsradio69Brent_RTheoyournotunique
  • Triathlete Tattoos

    I have a tattoo of a map compass on my back, with the big arrow pointing up. That way, no matter which way I go, I'm never lost and I know I'm right. But I can't see it, so who really knows.
    yournotuniqueAaronWebsteyJames Langenickb

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