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Administrator, TRS/Baucco Team Member
  • Welcome (back) to The Triathlon Roost

    As announced on TRS Radio Episode 93, the forum will be undergoing some small cosmetic changes, with a new name and URL. Fresh new look, same great taste!

    As such, you will see things gradually begin to change, so as to create as little disruption in service as possible. At some point soon, there will be a small amount of downtime while I move to the new URL (the old URL will still redirect to the new site, so nobody gets lost in the shuffle).

    TRS Racing/Baucco Squad will always have a home here, as long as they want. The name is rooster-related on purpose, and the colours will remain as a show of unofficial affiliation with TRS Triathlon/Radio. I'll be attempting to start a discussion about each episode of TRS Radio (hopefully some of you will help with that), and this will still be the #1 spot for fans and supporters of TRS Triathlon to have a "great hang", as @TRS_tri likes to say. :)

    Basically, not much will change for most of you. I hope you will all stick around and keep creating and growing this community. I think we have something unique here, something that would be different from the other forums even if we grew to a similar size. You people make it worth continuing, even if I never make a dime.

    Onward and upward. And don't ever forget where we came from - @TRS_tri is still this forum's spirit animal.

    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladoRashmbrekk44wspeytonSchmitzHappensGasBombAdam WTad_MachrowiczMattCraig DShepherdlakercrMartinPreachSwansonHensatcAdrienneyournotuniqueRobert RankinFastCat1107James LangejimmymstevensonHSeeley14Chris10doyoueventribro
  • How could someone sabotage your race?

    Move the tire label half an inch out of alignment with the valve stem, thus ruining all bike leg action photos
    MamaCheetahscottyCraig DMattM_WareKenElPescadoPeladoEvanMartinsimonsen77mbrekk44rigpigTad_Machrowiczkjrunninandrewm88OverBiker_SamIanLneil5youngHSeeley14Brent_R
  • HBD

    There is a strong man named J-Shug
    Who could snap you in half with a hug
    His giant brown beard
    Is admired and feared
    And he drinks his moonshine from a jug.

    Happy birthday @ItsShug :)
    MartinRobert Rankinsimonsen77M_WareCraig DRashItsShugmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladoMamaCheetahkjrunninHSeeley14MattKuchTad_Machrowiczneil5youngellsworth53t
  • IM podium finisher allegedly receives pacing/drafting/assistance and posts it on all her socials

    sidebar story: lazy forum owner rips off story from @Dark_mark 's Twitter feed
    StruangM_WareAlexSKenElPescadoPeladoCraig DmaggieruCollege_TriJennifer PostGentlemanJerseyDaveRobert RankinMartinIanLTad_MachrowiczfyrehaarBrendo78HSeeley14
  • WTC Owner Wanda in a Little Trouble

    So, maybe not a great time to be expecting improved video coverage? :(
    wchevronRyan HeislerRashAlexSEmilyCocksMamaCheetahMartinCraig DMattpeteTad_Machrowiczidking90rigpigNazgul350rFastCat1107
  • One of our own hit on the bike.

    Just saw how many likes @mbrekk44 's post got. Is there some kind of exception for POTM awards for July? Too soon to ask?
    I should probably cancel the calculations and just give it to Brekke.
    rigpigItsShugsimonsen77M_WareJennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladoCraig DMamaCheetahCollege_TriTad_MachrowiczMartinPevashishDaulRobert RankinEvan
  • Can a man wear a sports bra?

    WTC rules are a joke. ITU rules have the same uniform requirements for men and women.
    Without specifically trashing either organization, it's almost like one is a giant joke of a cash cow with blatant disregard for customers, pros, or integrity, and the other is striving to produce a truly professional environment and valid international governing body as per IOC regulations
    StruangM_Waresimonsen77idking90Tad_MachrowiczJennifer PostCraig DtrineuropaKelly O'MaraHSeeley14Brent_RyournotuniqueMartin
  • How could someone sabotage your race?

    @College_Tri and @mbrekk44 are my retirement plan. In a few years, they'll 'AG up' aka become boring old losers like the rest of us, with wives/husbands/kids/dogs/raccoons/etc. But they'll still be faster and cooler than 99% of their generation - if this site survives that long, they'll start a retro movement where 30 somethings quasi-ironically participate in an internet bulletin board that's "on the dark Web somewhere" by then. Thank you in advance for all the Wednesday night early bird specials at Pizza Delight - I'll be paying my bill with clicks from your efforts.
    M_Warembrekk44KenElPescadoPeladoCollege_Triidking90Tad_MachrowiczCraig DBrent_Rsimonsen77MamaCheetahkjrunninMatt
  • Heart click

    I say it's your heart punching the other organs for being weak.
    RashMartinscottyKenElPescadoPeladoJennifer PostTad_MachrowiczMattbalsdorfCraig DHSeeley14MamaCheetah
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Holy shit, looks like @jakesaunders and Jenny Hansen had a good day at Musselman! New course record for Jenny and 4th OA for Jake (and a smoking 2 mins faster than Jenny's super quick 4:31). I'm sure @DHansenTri will find something to complain about, but congrats all around :)
    Craig DMattMartinRobert RankinKenElPescadoPeladombrekk44AlexSrigpigkjrunninfyrehaar

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