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  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Two years later...I know its just a sprint but pretty satisfying all considered. A few of you remember what I've been dealing with. I'll just post off my social recap. (Shout Out To The Metal Triathlete Thread!!!!)

    No doubt this was my favorite race ever.

    I've quietly been working my way back from the surgery and decided a couple days back that I might try to get out to War at the Shore and race the short course. I knew I couldn't be as fast as a I was when I last raced in July 2015 but I wanted to know if I could enjoy this experience I used to value so much so I got up early and did a race-day registration to see what I might still have in the tank.

    A minute before the start I wasn't sure this was a good idea. By the end the answer was an easy one: I had a great time and simply enjoyed being out in the local crowd of Triathletes. I never could find that top gear on the bike or the run but I run sub-8 minute miles and that feels pretty damn good all things considered.

    Here is my list of recovery goals I've been carrying in my back pocket since I jotted them down a few months ago. Not too bad. The DC run was super humid and nasty. And I hit third in my age group today. Three more to go.

    My final race time was 1:04:02 with splits of:
    Swim: 7:12 (300yrds)
    T1: 01:14
    Bike: 31:35 (11miles)
    T2: 00:59
    Run: 23:03 (3miles)

    M_WarebalsdorfRobert RankinStruangAlexSDark_markEvanMartinkjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig DMattmbrekk44fyrehaarTad_MachrowiczMamaCheetahBrent_Rsimonsen77IanL
  • RIP

    This is such a lovely tribute. He was such a talent as both an athlete and personality. His transition to triathlon shows so much about his level of physicality. The hardest thing in the world to ask for is help. And the hardest thing for those who don't suffer from depression is to understand when someone is asking for that help. In these moments I like to remind people to keep their ears and hearts open to those around them. Because I can tell you from experience that asking for help is so damn hard the first time, it's pretty much impossible to do a second. My thoughts are with him and his family and all those suffering.

    I'd like to also just toss out something I learned a while back. Those in psychology, who deal with suicide in particular, say the person "Died by Suicide" instead of "Committing Suicide". It's a subtle but important acknowledgment to the underlying mental disorder that leads to the action - it is as much a cause of death as it is an act. I've mulled through this a ton. When my friend died by suicide in August I kept saying "committed" in anger but my goodness - the pain you must be in to do this when being a parent. I lean back often upon the love of my son and that bond in my worst moments and I can see the pure beauty - to be so sick, in so much pain to not feel that has to be excruciating. I honestly can't imagine anything worse.

    I've been modestly open over the years with people about my struggles as a manic depressive and severe anxiety disorder sufferer. I've been less specific about some of the details because of the stigma that's often attached. I always find these stories so hard to read and I hope in the end we all can just look in 360 degrees around us and remember that someone is likely hoping you ask how they are - keep an open mind and heart and a couple fewer stories like this will be written along the way.
    drffishmanAaronWebsteytcraigtriM_Waresimonsen77_Black_FredRashBen HobbsRobert RankinHeyKimmayIan GrahamyournotuniqueGranpa ChookScheck48HSeeley14
  • Making winter great again

    I got out for a 5-miler this morning - snowy streets and 20 degrees. In the end I felt more stupid than tough. I gave it a go so now I know.

    When I got home I re-shoveled out the end of the driveway and overhead a lady asking my neighbor for some help since she had recently had both knees replaced. I headed over to her house and just started shoveling. She tried paying me but I insisted against and we got to talking. Turns our her knees were shot from her days as an Ultra Runner so we hit it right off. She had a great tale of doing Kona 1981 - she said there were just over 100 competitors, I need to look it up. Anyway, we have plans to take a ride together in Spring.

    A few minutes ago her husband stopped in with two bottles of wine and the promise of a ride as well. Meeting new Triathletes through snow shoveling made for a pretty great morning.
  • Barkley marathons....

    @AaronWebstey @GasBomb - Thanks.

    Here is the update:
    I started moving again a couple months ago and snagged some sweet Patella Tendonitis in the Right Knee. Freaking excruciating - this from a guy with 3 knee surgeries and a bum hip, that PT pain ranked pretty high. I had started trying to exercise too soon after surgery and had to stop then later again I started without a good build up or having fully re-stretched my body. That's all behind me. I'm at it again. Slower than I was but that knee issue woke me up to be patient. No clue where it all goes from here but I'm riding it out with a little hope. I know I need surgery on the Left Hip but until it really kicks in I'm planning to do all I can until December then spend the winter in traction - the left side is not the bridge-jumping level of pain I was in on the right side. All in all, it's fixable and I took my time away from sport to take up scotch and whiskey tasting so what's to complain aboug. I have an entry to the Marine Corps Marathon that was deferred from last year. The plan is to run it or take a DNS but feel good about having tried to get to the starting line.

    Other than that all is good. Work is good. Family is good. I appreciate your asking. When I can find the confidence to get my bike back on the road I will come around a bit more.
    AaronWebsteyMattGasBombM_Waresimonsen77kjrunninRobert RankinKenElPescadoPeladoDawnCBrent_RTad_MachrowiczHSeeley14
  • I'm Hurt - my injury mea culpa

    Step 1. Proof I wasn't faking to get out of workouts. Ha ha.

    I'm loopy but my bones are/were a mess. I'll have to explain it all at some point but I had a great first surgery from a world class surgeon.

    Hope everyone is doing well out there.
    KenElPescadoPeladoM_WareA_drizzlesimonsen77Craig DAaronWebsteyGasBombjakesaundersTad_MachrowiczMartinmbrekk44
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    Thanks @Dark_mark

    I'm not sure I'll race again, just had to make the decision one that I owned because you know, I'm a dude and ending things on my own terms feels important for some dumb reason. I was pretty silly - it was just a sprint but I broke out my aerojacket and aero helmet and speed suit and simply figured that if I don't race again at least I used all my toys one last time.

    Feeling good about it though so you know how this stuff sticks with you. I won't do long course but I really liked being out with my local brethren on a beautiful day and that's what got me hooked in the first place on this sport. Different doesn't have to be bad, right? So maybe I'll find another Sunday to kick around with a few hundred like minded folks (and hopefully make a handful feel bad for losing to the dude with the hips of an 80 year old).
  • Asics Running Shoes Advice

    I just realized this thread has nothing to do with me - Triathletes just like talking about Sneakers.
    M_WarerigpigkjrunninAndrew PerelsonEvanCraig DTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteyMamaCheetah
  • One of our own hit on the bike.

    So glad to read that the healing is going well. Proud of the folks here bringing a touch of light to a crap situation.

    Hoping for a fast and strong recovery.
    M_WareAaronWebsteyJennifer PostMartinCraig DEvanTad_MachrowiczMamaCheetah
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    I decided to hit round two on this idea. I went into this weekend facing an $800 credit card tab for the new bike I am buying. A regular person would have played it cool and just paid off that $800 over a couple months. I took my $2k of bike money to Atlantic City. I failed the last time around - believe I broke even or lost a couple hundred.

    This time: Nailed It! All blackjack - hit the $800 I needed and walked away. Trust me, that is not my norm. To boot I taught my sister how to play and funded her (she lost a couple hundred I gave her), my wife lost $100 of my money at the slots, and I picked up a few tabs. So I had a great party and hit my mark.

    Started the night opening up a limited bottling of Laphroig 15 (Very Very Very Good) and ended around 2:00am kicking my brothers ass at mechanical bull riding. I missed my Sunday workout thanks to a hangover but I am going into new bike ownership debt free.
    I haven't contributed here...I think ever. So hear me out on this brilliant idea I have.

    First, I'm enjoying a Yamazaki 12. I was introduced to the world of craft bourbons a year or so ago and it's pretty addicting. Hell of a bottle.

    Second, I need/want a road bike. Sold mine a couple years back to off-set the costs of all Triathlon stuff. Very prudent decision but one that has me now plotting. Here is the plan and I don't think I'll sway from it so all I want is each of you to pat me on the back and encourage me to go forth.

    Step 1: win my fantasy football league. I'm at like a 90% chance of winning so I jinxed it with this post.
    Step 2: Take the $700 I win and DO NOT place a downpayment on the bike I am eyeing.
    Step 3: Head to a Blackjack table at Harrahs on Monday and attempt to parlay it into enough money to pay for the bike in cash.
    Step 4: Head to the LBS. I am offered by my local a 30-50% discount right now depending on the year end model Scott roadie I desire.
    Step 5: Come home with a new bike and tell my wife I won it. (see, this wouldn't be a stretch)
    Step 6: She calls me a liar and ask her to find where the cash was withdrawn or charged.
    Step 7: Enjoy my new bike.

    Freaking foolproof right? I thought about starting a new thread but I think this is the right spot for it. I'll post updates from the blackjack table Monday if you all desire.

    M_WareMattKenElPescadoPeladoTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteywchevronCraig D
  • 8/21/2017--Eclipse, who's watching?

    I thought about visiting the family in Kansas during the eclipse but my brother just announced he's coming in from London with a couple limited release scotches. So I'm going to have to settle for a lesser view in Jersey but with a far better drink in my hand.
    M_WareStruangCraig DwchevronTad_MachrowiczHSeeley14

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