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Eric Lagerstrom


Eric Lagerstrom
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    Hey guys, glad you're into it! @Granpa Chook my goal with setting it up was to provide a place for triathletes to go to get stoked to train or race or just get some positive energy. On the athlete side, I've put a lot of resources into making the barriers to filming/producing content while training as low as possible. The energy of the group helps a lot, as it gets some momentum going, and as long as we're able to make a little money here and there, I think we can keep the bills paid and the ball rolling! We're all really pumped on it though, and we'll be making the "launch" a little more official over the coming days. Anytime you guys share the stuff we make or just give us the nod like this, it's huge and keeps us motivated to do more.
    Thanks again!

    Check out instagram as well:
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  • The Champ is Here! - Lagerstrom Wins Alcatraz!

    Hey everyone! @Turbeau Thanks for the love, buddy. I knew I couldn't let you down. Plus Trevor Wurtele said he had 5 bucks riding on me in the fantasy league... The stakes were high today!
    halvardItsShugTheoDawnClakercrGranpa ChookAaronWebsteyyournotuniqueTheActualPaulotrsradio69ADRBillyScheck48morganstyerJames LangeBrent_RkevinschummerKLassmanTimOLearyHeatherLowneda
  • WTS Montreal this weekend

    I was aware, but not until after those pictures were taken. They were not consensual.

    Oh, and we're putting an American inside the top 5 tomorrow. Or we'll die trying.
    MattRashTad_MAaronWebsteysimonsen77ItsShugMartinKenElPescadoPeladoAlexSJames LangefyrehaarGranpa Chookellsworth53t
  • VIDEO: Eric Lagerstrom & Magali Tisseyre- Mid season energy lulls and Escape from Alcatraz

    Hey real folks,

    I wanted to post my latest piece showing a a glimpse into the lives of pros. It's a little heavier, but I think a more realistic look into "the grind" or whatever you like to call the process of finding the limit. This one took about a week to put together and I really let it develop on its own rather than forcing a certain storyline. I hope you enjoy it. Hit me with any questions; I think the better we all know triathlon, the better fans we can be. -Eric

    Magali and I are both into the taper process now and gunning for podiums at Alcatraz this weekend. I'm pretty sure they are doing some sort of live broadcasting, so check it out if you've got time.
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  • Getting race videos going again.. With the biggest, prize purse-less race of the year.. #Tritonman

    Hey cool people, this is the one-year anniversary of my first video that did anything worth talking about, so I figured I had to launch the 2016 season off with Tritonman V2.0!

    I'm hoping to keep raising the level with these things this year, but who knows if the WTC acquisition of the WTS races will put a stop to the whole thing..

    I'm thinking guest narrators, slow motion, more crashes, and things like that could really add to the experience. I'm open to any suggestions of what people would like to see!

    ItsShugjakesaundersGasBombespej09James LangeGranpa ChookRobert RankinM_Waresimonsen77PreachSwanson
  • WTS Montreal this weekend

    Also love that THE @Eric Lagerstrom is spending a little time on this forum these days.
    It's my current favorite way to procrastinate editing race videos and sending emails. That being said, I just have to narrate Montreal and Edmonton now. Then I can get back to fun stuff. The bikinis
    M_WareMattAaronWebsteyTad_MJennifer Postfyrehaarmbrekk44ellsworth53t

    My 2 cents: websites and online presences are a dime a dozen. Great triathlon video content is very rare. Trying to attract traffic to a website with 'pretty good' content will make you want to ride your bike off a cliff. Make great videos, use the various already-well-established video monetization options to generate income. Doesn't hurt to keep the website up as a central reference for all content (even if it's just a list of embedded youtube/vimeo links), but I personally would spend as little time and money as possible on it.

    Possibly biased, but speaking from some experience,

    Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I think @AaronWebstey hit it on the head here. The site will be there for the hard core van to go surf, but until I'm retired, or have the capital for someone to manage it for me, focusing on the content will pay off a lot more. It's a lot easier for people to share a youtube, facebook video around to their friends anyway, and that'll help things grow the quickest. Sharing is caring.

    Higher quality, less frequency. Which in my opinion doesn't necessarily mean Hollywood-level image, but rather interesting and engaging. The internet is flooded right now with videos of people exercising that follow the same script: poppy, trance music with an epileptic-seizure inducing number of cuts between shots for no reason, leaving the viewer's heart rate high, but little else in terms of feeling.

    We've got some fresh content up in the last few days, by the way:

    "Cervelo S3 Disk" - @Trevor Wurtele and Heather got new bikes, they go for a ride and make it look good
    "Area 51 Run" -Throwback to the RV trip from St. George to Portland, with my Dad. Excellent drone work by my Dad.
    "Summer Series 1.0" - First of three episodes from Matt McElroy and I training in Banyoles this summer.
    "MLT Atlantic City" - Video from @AJ Baucco /Andrew Hibbitt glorifying the Major League Triathlon Experience.
    Craig_Dsimonsen77AaronWebsteyRobert RankinGranpa ChookM_WareKenElPescadoPelado
  • 5 Ways To Race A Train | TRS Triathlon

    This was great. The snowy mountain one sounds rad. My friends and I used to do the jump out at one stop and race the metro to the next stop game here in Portland.
    AaronWebsteyGasBombM_Waretwig05MattGranpa Chook
  • St. George

    @Matt I have no idea what moment you're referring to... I have so many Canadian friends!

  • thoughts on the pro triathlon union

    @brooks doughtie Thanks for the vote of confidence. I do prefer taking the approach of proving our worth. If you want to be paid more, show why you deserve it. The World Triathlon Corporation is just that; a money making, shareholder-pleasing machine. Tell the machine how you integrate into making them more money... BAM you get whatever you want. Of course you have to deliver.. So if this union can be a voice for that, then maybe there's something there. I'm cautiously hopeful.

    That being said, there's no way long course will ever make the pro field bigger or more influential than in already is. I think the future for professional triathlon is in short course/super sprint a la French Grand Prix. Races that can be televised (or youtube-d), align well with the Olympic pursuit (which is also mostly sprints now) and can actually attract non-endemic sponsorship.
    TheoCJBerg007buttersGranpa Chook

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