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  • TRS, Taking over the world one random street side meeting at a time

    Taking my daughter home from dance auditions today, see a guy walking back from the Calgary Scotiabank Marathon in his TRS kit. I'm all, "TRS, hey, I'm in TRS!?" He's all, "Hey I'm Kevin, @rigpig on TRS!" I'm all, "Hey I'm Brent!" Then he told me about his race.

    Small effing world.
    KenElPescadoPeladoM_WareCraig_DMartinAaronWebsteyKuchTad_MHensatcMattrigpigsimonsen77IanLkjrunninmbrekk44ItsShugEvanRobert RankinGasBombscottyGranpa ChookfyrehaarMamaCheetahJennifer PostGentlemanJerseyDave
  • Need more things to be afraid of on the bike?

    I never thought this forum needed a "holy shit" button, until now.
    DawnCM_WareJames LangebalsdorfPreachSwansonslickfins_RyanMatt GervaisAaronWebsteyHeyKimmayyournotuniqueoldmanchad
  • The much anticipated, loved by everyone, super official, team TRS/BAUCCO SECRET SANTA!!


    So great, just great. Bonus points for the label on the back of the package the hat came in:


    #sworry you drew the Canadian straw but you did a great job. Now to fix that bar tape.
  • Powermeter Newbie.

    My perspective is that the best reason to get a power meter is that it allows you to get the most bang for your time buck, especially if combined with indoor training. Sure, you can just go out and "ride hard for 10 minutes, take a minute rest, then go hard again for 10 minutes". However, I think you will find that "hard" can vary a lot more than you might expect by terrain, weather and how you feel. If you've only got an hour or 90 minutes to work out and you're wasting it cruising downhill but you feel you're going hard because you get worn out at 120 RPM, you could be better maximizing that time riding at a more relevant power output.

    As my coach puts it, power never lies.

    As for the best one, I think you should decide what your budget is, and then cruise on over to and check out which current existing meters are in that budget. Read his reviews and figure out which one fits your use case (I'm okay taking it on and off my bike, I need Bluetooth or Ant+, I care if it's super duper accurate) the best.

    Then if you have more tailored questions or you want feedback on someone's experience with a particular model or something, swing back on over here and check with us. Otherwise, I think it is awfully hard for anyone to give you useful advice.
  • BAAW Thread?

    The Cozumel whip with appropriate back drop (hey, that's a half a wall).
    M_Waresimonsen77EvankjrunninJames LangeGasBombyournotuniqueKenElPescadoPelado
  • So, Tim Don, eh?

    The swim times are pretty bananas, but can anyone say why? Current? Short course?

    Let's face it, time records in this sport are just pointless.
    AaronWebsteyandrewm88Martinidking90Eric LagerstromTad_Mrigpig
  • Island House Tri media

    That ending was cool, but that music made me want to murder a hamster.
    M_WareJennifer PostKenElPescadoPeladoRashJames Langeidking90
  • March Madness 2017

    I may jump in. Here is my NCAA pick history 2000 to 2014.

    "The only school I recognize here is Gonzaga. They're a mid seed maybe they'll pull off one upset."

    *Gonzaga loses to a lower or near match seed.*

    2015 "Eff this. I'm tired of the one team I know about losing."

    *Gonzaga has best tournament ever.*

    Double eff this.
  • Well effing Done

    @ Jenna Caer Seefried So far announced is Trevor and Heather Wurtele, Lisa Mensink and Chris Bragg. I think they are trying to get some of the Calgary 70.3 field to stick around for a week - but frankly I was sold at "Wurtele v. Wurtele".
  • What discipline is your triathlon Ace in the Hole?

    Based on WTS Edmonton's weather this weekend, it is apparently "Deciding to chuck as many clothes as possible into the bag for every possible scenario, then deciding to where a crap load of stuff so you don't freeze completely during the race. And then showing up when 5 other babies DNS so you can get your podium qualifying spot for the Grand Final."
    AaronWebsteyKelly O'Marayournotunique

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