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  • Newbies - aka just like me

    Hey just thought I'd post something for those of us that are new to intro ourselves.

    New to tri - check
    Getting back in shape - half check, I started last year when I got sober but had an injury this spring from over training that cost me quite awhile
    Needs advice - half check.....I also have Preach for this.....might have to call him coach who knows.....but the good twin does encourage well

    Outside of that I'm a 37 year old father of 2 little minions, I sell POS for when people's system becomes a POS and am a former HR guy (had to fire myself :-) ) who hunts, runs steady aka slow, learning the bike and grateful that I have webbed feet as that in theory will help my swim. I have a series of running and now a biking race before my first tri next year (QC Tri) which I signed up for already. Outside of that I'm just good look'n and modest hahaha.
    M_WareMattKuchwchevronsimonsen77AaronWebsteyAlexSkjrunninidking90Craig DTad_MachrowiczPreachSwansonellsworth53tRobert RankinyournotuniqueMamaCheetahBrent_R
  • 2018 Goals and Challenges

    This will be my first season so
    - Don't Die
    - Don't DFL (more than once :-) the first race just don't DNF)
    - Beat a certain person in a local road race (he beat me three times last year 10k or less by less than 10 seconds each time)
    - Stay healthy all season and stay fit, currently down to 179 from 245 last Nov but yoyo'd last year due to injury and food......
    - Complete an Ultra distance race
    - Complete an Olympic distance race end of season
    M_WarekjrunninCraig DwchevronJohns622AaronWebsteyTad_MachrowiczmaggierufyrehaarGentlemanJerseyDaveHSeeley14
  • 2018 TRS Racing / Baucco Squad Applications are now OPEN!

    I'm signed up, joining the middle age, overweight, recovering alcoholic, slow pack, just crossing the finish line.
    kjrunninBHobbsAJ BauccoAaronWebsteyTad_MachrowiczPreachSwansonellsworth53tGasBombMamaCheetahNotSoFatLew
  • Starting to see the resemblance

    Craig DJohns622KenElPescadoPeladosimonsen77GasBombMamaCheetah
  • Barkley marathons....

    This was awesome to follow on Twitter this year......the course feed was hilarious and these guys are insane
    M_Waresimonsen77Tad_MachrowiczKenElPescadoPeladoCraig D
  • Webstey's minivan

    I see a white van with a free candy for kids sign
  • February 2018 Challenge

    I got lucky, we have a Masters that has two night swims, 8pm, just so happened that the 1st was one of them. I'm at 3,800 for the start and going again. As for a 20K, that is insane to me right now wow......I'll take some of your distance please.
  • Team Miller- Western States

    Wasn't this on GoFundMe
    KenElPescadoPeladoSdogZach Miller
  • Great White North Virtual Triathlon, Jan 20/21

    I read this and hear..... " It's not going to be an Orgy, it's a Toga Party."
  • Grand Donkeyboner

    You know that moment when your out there and ... You have two options, roll with that flow or hit up the nearest port o poty for relief.


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