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  • PevDaul Nominated on ST Thread by Kiley

    Kiley's (formerly Pubes) nomination: "PevDaul on TriRoost is easily runner up. I don't know if I have ever laughed so hard and so audibly at a triathlon thread ever as I did and have on the PevDaul AMA thread. The spin offs are pretty good too -- dessertdude definitely cracks the top ten."


    link if interested post #28


    Hey Gang,

    Pev Daul here. I'd be happy to say I'm honored being mentioned on some site.. Slowstich its called? But my real honor is being such a great dad to my kids.

    So i was swimming the other day, anyone else like to swim? I can only swim due to the nerve damage.. i don't know if anyone heard i crashed a few yrs ago at ironman Switzerland.

    So i was swimming wondering if any of the triathletes in Florida are missing workouts due to the hurricane. If so, i have something for you : pictures of me coming out of the swim from I'M Canada in the early 90's (you choose the year).

    Seeing a short, dark man with thick Austin Powers chest hair will make any hurricane a distant memory.

    There you have it my American friends, Pev loves you. Stay safe - Pev

    AaronWebsteyMartinTad_MMattRashbalsdorfKenElPescadoPeladoaltaylorausStruangidking90simonsen77KuchscottyRobert RankinBrent_RPubliusValerius
  • Webstey found guilty of necrophilia in Nova Scotia court


    I heard he got off.
    bbculpMattMartinRobert RankinkjrunninKHilgendorfKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyRashTad_MCraig_DStruangDark_markfyrehaarhaywarmi
  • TRS Radio Episode 113 - Lucy Charles + DMark & ECocks

    Fonz can do anything. He's the Thomas Gerlach of 70's based family sitcoms.
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    Great to see the value of our support. I hope Lego land is open to constructive public criticism of their operations.

    If there is a safety concern at the park best to wait months to report while handing out free passes to the park.
  • AMA: Year 2 Financials of a "Pro" Triathlete

    Thanks Brad, always awesome when a fellow pro like myself visits the best triathlon forum ever.

    Few questions for you:

    Are you aware of my Canadian military career?
    Stan Hempfields: boxers, briefs, or thong?
    Dave h2ofun Campbell: best triathlon mind in history or second best to Steve Fleck?

    I look forward to your responses. I also loved your work playing Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch.

    Tad_MMartinGasBombBW_TriKenElPescadoPeladoAaronWebsteyCraig_DSeanHDerekLKelly O'Mara
  • Western States 100

    Dave Campbell (h2ofun on Slowtwitch) lives very close. You should contact him. He's a very humble, open minded, selfless individual.
  • Where is Rapp's statement he promised?

    He's still working on it, currently crafting a brilliant 574th paragraph.

    The statement has now transitioned into an analysis of the pothole that he avoided during the 36th bike mile of Santa Rosa 70.3.
  • NEW HERE!!

    You cannot climb the col del blippety blu blah in France with a 23 in the back, not going to happen. Even my bff simon Whitfield couldn't do it. I just asked him over a backrub.

    By the way i crashed in Switzerland.
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    "The value of the support has been invaluable".
  • Frodo skipping Kona due to injury

    Im disappointed since there will be no chance for a pudgy shirtless gentleman to run alongside Frodeno chugging a beer.

    Stay fat everyone.

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