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  • Should I get race specific tires and tubes?

    Ok, ok.

    Done, legs shaved!!!

    Here are 6 of my top 10 thoughts....

    1) I might have just fallen for the oldest triathlon internet prank

    2) How much will I have to pay for my daughters therapy? She walked in on me while I was shaving my legs. BTW I had shorts on.

    3) This better make me faster

    4) But it does feel kinda good

    5) I nicked my self so many times, I might need an alibi

    6) Does anyone know where I can find a pair of styptic pants!!!
  • Should I get race specific tires and tubes?

    Thank you all, for your thoughts. Conti GP 4000s II and latex tubes ordered, using the TRS radio Amazon link.
  • Should I get race specific tires and tubes?

    The results are in.

    I raced the same 70.3 course last year and this year.

    I switched from Conti Ultra Sports with butyl tubes to Conti GP 4000s tires and latex tubes.

    I shaved my legs this year and not last year.

    This is a two loop fairly flat course. Last year the wind was 4 mph out of NNW, this year it was 4 mph out of the East. Looped course, wind speed the same, different directions should not matter much.

    I rode 3 mins faster this year than last. Actually more like 3.5 minutes faster because this year I ran bare foot with bike shoes in hand onto the bike course (so the clock was running) before I stopped to put on my bike shoes. This amounted to a .5 mph increase in average speed over the 56 miles.

    I lost the time on the run, I ran 6 mins slower this year and ultimately finished the entire course 55 seconds slower this year. But the bike was faster.

    Last year I trained a lot more than I did this year.

    So all in all I would say the bike was definately faster. I felt fast, I did not feel like I was expending a lot more energy. And I did not put in as many hours training.
  • Ask me anything

    Ok, I have a technical question. I know there are power meters that give readings for the left and the right leg. Are there any on the market today that give data for three legs (right, left, and middle) ?
  • Should I get race specific tires and tubes?


    You wanted and update after a week or so.....

  • Summer Reading -- Lesley Paterson, others?

    Boys in the boat
  • Summer Reading -- Lesley Paterson, others?

    It is a great read that touches on so many more topics than just rowing. The building of the American West, the Great Depresdion, Olympic Trials, the German Olympics, Pre WW2
  • Painting Bicycling Shoes

    @Dark_mark I don't care how much Adderall it took, just want to know about how long it took? Very impressed with the detail and the execution!! Well done>
  • Oceanside Live Coverage

    The lack of response makes it clear that there are no other good options... The IM Pro athlete tracker is acting glitchy and has not updated anything since T1.

    Its a shame that IM does not make any effort to grow the interest in Triathlon!!!!

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