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  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Welp Im just throwing this thread to the top. Got a job offer for a 1.6x my salary so I will no longer be a brewery engineer but a brewery designer. So fuck me. Im about to ruin lives but build my own.
    wchevronAaronWebsteyCraig DM_Waresimonsen77kjrunninKHilgendorfTad_MJohns622Jennifer Postmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladoellsworth53tDark_markBrent_R
  • The much anticipated, loved by everyone, super official, team TRS/BAUCCO SECRET SANTA!!

    @GasBomb thats not your ss gift, I think you just have an admirer.
    AaronWebsteyGasBombM_WareBrent_RItsShugCraig DHSeeley14DawnCMartinJennifer PostMattTad_Myournotuniqueiamuwere
  • Women’s Triathlon is an NCAA Emerging Sport — So, Now What?

    1. First off, love that my article is a related piece... the beauty of

    OK, my opinions on this matter are very strong and I've been waiting to comment on this for a long time.

    A little background. I am the current president of our 140 member tri team at a D1 university. Been to 3 national club championships and have been around this NCAA thing the entire time I've been in school.

    2. Our school has an extensive athletics program that prides themselves on being better than the average student body. We have D1 teams in over 15 sports. I can confidently say that Triathlon will never be in that system, unless it is a serious money maker. Right now our athletic program only makes money from our football, hockey and basketball programs. This is only on the men's side BTW. Therefore the school's athletics are essentially dumping money into sports like track and cross country with no return. As a club we approached our athletic department with a local triathlon shop willing to donate anything necessary to start a team. The athletic director basically said screw off and don't bother me with this crap ever again.

    3. Does USA Triathlon realize that the NCAA will totally take all the glory for setting up this if it's successful? USA Triathlon may gain a couple of decent triathletes in the future and maybe make the sport bigger but they will get dumped ASAP if this actually gets off the ground. This means that the money they are giving right now will probably never get a return.

    4.Collegiate club nationals is it's own separate issue right now. As of right now anyone can race collegiate nationals. The only qualifications are that you finish a conference race(Usually an olympic distance). This bare minimum qualification leads to an interesting field. There are semi pro athletes trying to gain national respect but there are also beginners who can barely swim 1500 meters. IMO this is a beautiful part of the sport, where pros and amateurs can race the same course at the same time. Hell, IM has been doing this for years. Although the way it is currently set up, it is a grey area of competitive and fun. It's almost like the MLB all star game, where they play for home-field advantage in the world series. There is a mix of just doing it for fun and doing it for something that will probably matter. Many have stated that it sucks because you have some guys going hard and willing to lay it all on the line, but you also have guys who want to have fun during their week off of the season. This has lead to many young pre-professional athletes to take this race as a B, if not C, race. There is no real prize except a resume booster, and a lot of body glide apparently. If the top end women are taken out of this equation, the overall team competition(which to most is the only thing that matters) will completely fall apart.


    Overall, I think USAT is kind of shooting themselves in the foot with this. The best thing that could happen would gaining some popularity for the sport and possibly a competitive future on an international scale.(Gwen is an outlier in this situation.) They are also sacrificing the collegiate club championships for this system. I'm all for expanding the sport and a collegiate atmosphere would be awesome, but I dont see this gaining traction. I'm hoping for some "I told you so"s in a few years but for now USAT needs to establish a better professional system before they can start looking for more pros to add. I love the enthusiasm for the sport but I just don't see this working out. Then again, most athletic programs aren't assholes to everyone so maybe we are bit of an extreme case.
    balsdorfAaronWebsteyjakesaundersAdam WPreachSwansonM_WareJames LangeklevigoerlichGregwarroScheck48HeyKimmayBrent_R
  • TRS Advice Column, 'Ask A Random Triathlete' - Submit Questions

    Ive been interested in the clydesdale and athena divisions and why they exist. Is there a chance for the short and petite to be in their own division? Maybe fairy and gnome divisions. What about by hair color? The ginger division would be slow on the run due to lack of soles. How about low T/ low E divisions? The less of a man or less of a woman divisions. How about a bearded division for Ben's mom? Can we do it by income level? That removes all the superbikes from my division.

    Either way, I might take some hate for this post.
    Mattmbrekk44A_drizzleAaronWebsteyPreachSwansonTad_MbalsdorfkjrunninCraig DHSeeley14Capen
  • The much anticipated, loved by everyone, super official, team TRS/BAUCCO SECRET SANTA!!

    Haha! Thank you to my Secret Santa! Got it today so it was perfect timing and the beer was spectacular! It did make me feel slightly ashamed of what Im sending.
    M_WareItsShugTad_MCraig DAaronWebsteyDawnCyournotuniqueKenElPescadoPeladoJulieBethHSeeley14
  • Valentrines Day Cards

    roses are red,
    my balls are blue,
    if I had a better bike fit
    I could beat you.
  • Kona Online Tailgate

    Everybody could just crash @College_Tri 's virtual party ... :)

    Not sure how you crash an open invite but ill let everyone tri
  • I am the go-to person for...

    1. I'm here to make people feel old...born in '93. Feel free to live your dreams vicariously through me. I'm accepting ideas for 2016.
    2. Master of getting free stuff, mostly from rudy project.
    3. Bio Engineering degree with emphasis in food from Wisco. Working at a local brewery in their lab. Got questions about beer or a job oppurtunity? let me know.

    ...but seriously though, I need a job. That's the real reason I talk to you guys.
    simonsen77GasBombAaronWebsteywchevronCraig DKenElPescadoPeladoDHansenTri
  • The Perfect Playlist

    Avril Lavigne? Srsly?
    Sounds like someone is intimidated by a strong woman...
    idking90GentlemanJerseyDaveAaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladokjrunninCraig DTad_M
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout


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