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  • Let's See Your Critters

    I get to take this thing home with me today:

    Tad_Mjakesaunderssimonsen77M_WareA_drizzleCraig_Dmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladoItsShugneil5youngStruangGentlemanJerseyDavekjrunninMattwchevronAaronWebsteyRashlakercrRirinetteEvanyournotuniqueOverBiker_SamRobert Rankin
  • Merry Christmas, Shitter's full. What did Santa put under your tree?

    I didn't have a tree this year, so I guess Santa was a bit confused when he stumbled in, and gave my wife a positive pregnancy test.
    FastCat1107slickfins_RyanM_WarewchevronItsShugneil5youngAaronWebsteyMattjakesaunderssimonsen77rangamelRobert RankindhrkjrunninRyan HeislerBrent_RPhalangicalOverBiker_Samellsworth53t
  • New Kona Lottery

    Think of it this way: WTC is handing out a few spots as a favor to the triathlon community and the original organizers of the race, who demanded that it remain a "people's race" when they sold it. As such, WTC is doing the absolute minimum in honoring the deal by allowing in a few people every year who don't necessarily deserve to be at a world championship. But it's honestly a made up world champs, by a made up federation (or corporation, if you will). The internationally recognized body, and thus true world championships, is ITU. Kona is just a race that you gotta qualify for. Sort of like the Boston Marathon.
    wchevronKenElPescadoPeladoDerekLsimonsen77HSeeley14AaronWebsteyZach MillerMatttoebutt769GasBombJames LangeMamaCheetahDHansenTriCraig_Ddhrfyrehaar
  • "What's up with that?!" -Dark Mark

    My 3 year old asks me every time I get annoyed by something, "daddy, is that fucking shit?"

    I'm getting tired of correcring him on when to appropriately use the phrase.
    kjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoSeanHRobert RankinM_WareMartinmaggieruMattAaronWebsteyGasBombsimonsen77MamaCheetahfyrehaarTad_MCraig_D
  • Treadmills

    My envy has overtaken me and I'm now trying to convince my fiance we need a treadmill but still justify a monthly gym membership. Times are tough.
    Still gotta not swim somewhere.
  • Oh Canada

    Why do you need to keep moose in the zoo? Wouldn’t that be like New York having a pigeon exhibit?
  • So, Tim Don, eh?


    If the lead vehicle was in the way, it is the driver's responsibility to increase the gap. Don in no way "cheated" if he drafted the moto. He goes as fast as he can under the circumstances outside of his control. Stop flinging vitriol his direction. Especially other pros, who would say the same thing, "it's not my fault the moto was too close. Do you want me to slow down because the driver doesn't know what to do?"

  • Men's fashion

    Go big and bring back the Justin Timberlake + Britney Spears' Denim Prom outfits.
    Isn't that just formal wear for you guys?

  • NEW HERE!!

    @GasBomb "friends don't let friends read slowtwitch"
  • Weekly Poll – Olympic Crystal Balls

    And here I am, opening the link thinking this would be a discussion of the fragility of Ali Brownlee, how he won't make the olympic start because he broke his "crystal balls"

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