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  • Let's See Your Critters

    I get to take this thing home with me today:

    Tad_Mjakesaunderssimonsen77M_WareA_drizzleCraig_Dmbrekk44KenElPescadoPeladoItsShugneil5youngStruangGentlemanJerseyDavekjrunninMattwchevronAaronWebsteyRashlakercrRirinetteEvanyournotuniqueOverBiker_SamRobert Rankin
  • Merry Christmas, Shitter's full. What did Santa put under your tree?

    I didn't have a tree this year, so I guess Santa was a bit confused when he stumbled in, and gave my wife a positive pregnancy test.
    FastCat1107slickfins_RyanM_WarewchevronItsShugneil5youngAaronWebsteyMattjakesaunderssimonsen77rangamelRobert RankindhrkjrunninRyan HeislerBrent_RPhalangicalOverBiker_Samellsworth53t
  • New Kona Lottery

    Think of it this way: WTC is handing out a few spots as a favor to the triathlon community and the original organizers of the race, who demanded that it remain a "people's race" when they sold it. As such, WTC is doing the absolute minimum in honoring the deal by allowing in a few people every year who don't necessarily deserve to be at a world championship. But it's honestly a made up world champs, by a made up federation (or corporation, if you will). The internationally recognized body, and thus true world championships, is ITU. Kona is just a race that you gotta qualify for. Sort of like the Boston Marathon.
    wchevronKenElPescadoPeladoDerekLsimonsen77HSeeley14AaronWebsteyZach MillerMatttoebutt769GasBombJames LangeMamaCheetahDHansenTriCraig_Ddhrfyrehaar
  • "What's up with that?!" -Dark Mark

    My 3 year old asks me every time I get annoyed by something, "daddy, is that fucking shit?"

    I'm getting tired of correcring him on when to appropriately use the phrase.
    kjrunninKenElPescadoPeladoSeanHRobert RankinM_WareMartinmaggieruMattAaronWebsteyGasBombsimonsen77MamaCheetahfyrehaarTad_MCraig_D
  • Treadmills

    My envy has overtaken me and I'm now trying to convince my fiance we need a treadmill but still justify a monthly gym membership. Times are tough.
    Still gotta not swim somewhere.
  • Weekly Poll - Olympic Overexposure

    @Aaron Webstey yup. Was a D1 xc runner for a year before my back gave up and I started smoking too much weed as a sophomore. Also, track was boring. Models in NYC were way more interesting.
    Tad_MM_WareMattGasBombmbrekk44Jennifer PostAaronWebsteyjakesaundersKenElPescadoPeladofyrehaarneil5young
  • BAAW Thread?

  • Official TRS Olympics Discussion Thread

    1:20 down at the bike halfway point for Mola and Murray. This one's in the books.
    Women can learn something here: get your ass to the front on the swim.
    balsdorfRobert RankinTad_MJennifer PostMattGranpa ChookKenElPescadoPeladoBrent_RAaronWebstey
  • Another “well thought out” article from the other site...

    She likely drafted a fair amount.
    That's the implication from ST, but not sure how you're making that conclusion. Barring direct evidence countering, we accept her performance as true.

    Herbert is complete shit as a journalist. Is he a journalist? I don't know, but he is basically the embodiment of ST's understanding of candor and the place of triathlon in the world. Entirely too serious about something that doesn't matter.

    On that note, I've been enjoying Phil Gaimon's "Worst Retirement Ever" Youtube series where he goes around and attacks Strava KOMs. He prefaces the entire series by stating he knows it's a complete waste of time but thinks it's hilarious that a bunch or amateurs truly believe they're talented. Reminds me of the entirety of ST.
  • Another “well thought out” article from the other site...

    7 of the top 10 women's bike performances of all time came from that race. Short or not, you don't think that's fishy at all? The only direct evidence I can think of that would more or less confirm this she won't release. I'm sure she's a hell of a cyclist, but where there's smoke....
    Maybe it is fishy. But each person has the ability to act of her own volition. Simply using that 7 of the 10 statistic does not constitute hard evidence, and it certainly doesn't prove that any one of them cheated. Starky sure as hell didn't, and he set a record, 7 or so minutes faster than the same distance/course as last year. Could have easily just been a super fast day on a dead flat course.

    And a power file won't really tell you the whole story either, since there are nuances to the rules that could easily be accounted for. It's flatly impossible to "confirm" she cheated based solely off the data you get from her file. You could substantiate that claim somewhat, but it's still not undeniable proof.

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