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  • The strange (and aerodynamic) world of triathletes


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  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    Spring is here 

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  • 2017 Race results and pics

    I didn't get a picture of me racing, but I did get a picture for racing.

    Leg 10 of the Cabot Trail Relay. MacKenzie Mountain

    Of course, during the race the leg doesn't start until 9:30 PM so it's pitch black and doesn't look as good. It was pretty surreal running up the mountain and hearing the sounds of coyote and moose in the background. Their sounds were drowned out by the sound of my heavy breathing and lung butter snarls.

    The time cutoff for each leg is 6:00/km. I came in at 1:26:00 for the 14.7km, or 5:50/km. I was pretty nervous after having a few KM over 7:00 on the steeper parts but managed to get my shit together and get a finishing time.

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  • Dark Mark's Dream Bike

  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    I tried to get a swim in at a hotel pool on the weekend.
  • Post a picture or .gif that sums up your last workout

    I got married, does walking down the aisle count as a workout? Here's the strava file to prove it (with HR metrics):

    It was a full moon, tinted red from the wildfires out west (i'm on the east coast, in cape breton).

  • BAAW Thread?

    No fancy background here, just getting the job done. This is basically the motto for this bike. I posted last year when I got it and I've been meaning to take a proper pic with the customizations I made for the last few months. This bike, everything included, only cost me $1700 ($1000 for frame/wheels, $40 for new saddle, $200 for Pro Missile Alloy aero bars, $120 for missile evo stem, $250 for FSA Gossamer cranks/bottom bracket, $50 for HAWK racing jockey wheels, $40 for cables, $3 for white electrical tape)

    I love this bike. I'd put it head to head with any entry or even mid-level TT bike that's currently on the market in terms of aerodynamics and ride ability. The 10-speed drivetrain is a little dated but to be honest since I'm still on mechanical I think I actually prefer it to 11-speed. If I decide to upgrade to 11 it'd be when I upgrade to di2 or e-tap

    Give me a badge.

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  • RIP Gord

    Gord was the best and so uniquely canadian that it's hard to put into words. For Americans try and picture a combination of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. He was a poet. His art transcended just music and he left a lasting impression on anyone that crossed paths with him.

    A friend told me a story the other day about when the Tragically Hip were just starting out in the 80's. They were playing at a university and pulled up with a van full of equipment. They didn't have any sound guys or people to help unload. They just asked people walking by, "hey, can you help us set up". My friend's brother and a few others helped them set up for the show. Afterwards Gord Downie went into the back of the cube van and came out with a bunch of hockey sticks and a net. He asked them all if they wanted to have a quick game of road hockey before they did a sound check. After the game they asked a few guys to stay for sound check and then got them to do the sound tech for the concert.

    After I heard that story I wondered just how many games of road hockey Gord Downie played with random people all around Canada. He's probably played road hockey in more cities and towns in Canada than anyone else.

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  • Give me your best triathlon specific one-liners or motivational quotes

    Yeah so I didn't end up doing these but it's in my back pocket for next year.

    We literally finished stuffing race kits at 5:00 when kit pick up was at 5:30...couldn't set up transition the night before because of some leftover cars in a parking lot so it was a 4:00 am start.

    My crew absolutely nailed it and I can't thank them enough. Very few incidents were visible on the athlete side of things and apart from a few people taking spills on the bike everyone had a very safe event.

    I plan on doing a long form post...maybe even a blog...about the whole "how to be a race director" experience. Lots of people came up to me with words like, "don't you wish you were racing" and I just told them that Triathlon isn't about the times, awards, cool swag, medals or placings, it's about community, camaraderie and memories. At the end of the day memories and shared experiences with our loved ones is really all we have in this world and triathlon really brings out the best in people with regards to that.

    We had so many first time triathletes today (probably 35-40 out of 141) and to facilitate and provide a platform for them to achieve their goals was a truly humbling experience. It's a day they'll never forget, much like my first triathlon was

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  • 70.3 "Canadian" Championships

    Lionel Sanders can levitate bottles with his mind. 

    Not only is he really, really good at exercising, you can hire him to do magic tricks at your kids next birthday party.

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