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Starting immediately, all new users must be approved by a moderator (due to spam issues). #sworry
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If you are a pro triathlete, please click here to DM AaronWebstey for access to the 'Pros-only' private forum. Don't forget to include your real name, and a link to pro race result would be great if you're a 1st-year pro.



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  • Welcome (back) to The Triathlon Roost

    KenElPescadoPeladoTad_MMattpattM_WareMattAaronWebsteyMatt_FroeseCraig_DRyan HeislerkjrunninDerekLMartinPreachSwansonwchevronHensatcsimonsen77CapenyournotuniqueRobert Rankintoebutt769EvanJames LangeHSeeley14
  • NEW HERE!!

    imo it's bad form to start new threads when there's already a thread for that. surprised there's not a new member meta-thread here. ;)
    Knows literally *anything* about forum etiquette => new favourite

    Just kidding, basically everybody is pretty good except me
    @AaronWebstey really likes forum etiquette. Please join him in his office. #aardvark

    M_Warewchevronsimonsen77mbrekk44AaronWebsteyMartinRobert RankinKuchDerekLEvankjrunninDawnCCraig_DBrent_RTad_MKenElPescadoPeladoHSeeley14GrantInSLCtoebutt769
  • 2017 Race results and pics

    I completed the Indiana University Indoor Triathlon. I crushed all the soccer moms (except the ones that beat me).
    kjrunninsimonsen77mbrekk44balsdorfA_drizzleCraig_DfyrehaarKenElPescadoPeladoRobert RankinDawnCAaronWebsteyEvanTad_MGranpa ChookSteve HalewskimaggieruGentlemanJerseyDave
  • Ryf is not a doper, here is the evidence.

    Where the hell is our KOAP when we need him ( @GasBomb )? Recovering? psh

    I would add that the scale should be Swallow - Uli with 8 levels (inclusive) in between. The scale starts at Swallow because she is the only person that I 100% believe to be clean. I also believe that Jodie would have no qualms about offing a fucking doper, whether it be James Cunnama, her mother, or the pope.

    So, on a scale of Swallow - Uli, how do you feel about Ryf?
    I'm at 4, up from a 3 pre-Kona. For reference, I assign a 2 to Jan and Sebi (Jesus, I hope they don't read this, I'm still a big fan of both of those dudes).
    First (and most importantly), the polls will be starting up again this week. I was having a little vacation (because my TRS paychecks kept bouncing) and figured I would start in again after Ironman Louisville. Now, to be clear, I assume anyone that is faster than me is doping. So 90% of my competitors are absolute drug cheats. No reason to dig any deeper. Just really disgusting human beings. As for Daniela, of course she is doping, I mean anyone that is at Kona is doping. They have to be. (for proof see my above argument) Also, back to me, I finished in 1199th place at Ironman Louisville (aka the world championships of Kentucky), so disappointingly that means 1198 people were dopers. So in summary the ninja turtle movies were just a complete miss for me. Just a big Michael Bay mess of silly toxic goo. You may now suck or lick your favorite bag of cocks now. (If you're Canadian, it's your favourite bag of coucks)

    balsdorfkjrunninjakesaundersMattA_drizzleJennifer PostAaronWebsteysimonsen77MartinTad_MEvanRobert RankinHSeeley14M_Waretwig05
  • You get to go back in time before you started triathlon.What do you say to your past self?

    Hi 16 year old GasBomb. Don't quit the swim team. Let's face facts, you are a 5'10" white boy that can't jump, go ahead and shelve those basketball dreams and keep swimming. Oh and in a couple years you're going to meet a seemingly nice girl in college named Cindy. Run!!!!!!
  • Savage Takedowns

    A real ego booster.

    Jennifer PostM_WareNHetroMattRobert Rankinidking90wchevronkjrunninTad_MCraig_DJohns622KenElPescadoPelado
  • UFC Triathlete Matches

    Undercard: Chrissie Wellington vs Rinny (I bet Rinny would wipe that smile off Chrissie's face)
    Undercard: Devon Palmer vs Thomas Gerlach (this would be ugly, lots of scratching)
    Undercard: Jim Lubinsky vs Lionel Sanders (muscular guys, can probably take a punch)
    Undercard: Paulo Sousa vs Dark Mark (boring match, they would trade insults back/forth then make out)
    Main Event: BEN HOBBS VS MACCA (Ben loses after illegally kicking Macca in the balls repeatedly)
  • Lets see pics of your bike

    New Project finished. Take a P2 bought from TRS classifieds. Add Flo disc and 60. New cables/housing. New crankset. Add cock stickers. Ain't she purty?

  • BAAW Thread?

  • Another “my supplement was contaminated with Ostarine” situation

    After your run yesterday @Robert Rankin , I have no choice but to assume that you're on the gear. If you have a problem with that, please consult my mentors/personal heroes @uli and @TheActualPaulo .
    I just assume anyone faster than me is on the gear! So that includes your beautiful fat ass @AaronWebstey and most of the people on TriRoost. xoxo

    simonsen77AaronWebsteykjrunninRobert RankinTad_MKenElPescadoPeladoMamaCheetah

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