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Rooster Endurance 2020 - SIGN UP TODAY!!

AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
edited November 2019 in Main
OK folks, now that @AJ Baucco and all the "cool" kids have their teams sorted, it's time to dredge the sludge-filled depths of the multisport sea for Rooster Endurance 2020 members.

New members: sign up now at !!

Returning members: if nothing has changed since last year, just email me at and let me know you're coming back.

The main question on your mind might be: will 2020 be different from 2019? You bet your budgy smugglers it will be! @Zach Miller has joined @PreachSwanson and myself as a fully equal member of the (mis)management team, and he already has mock-ups of gear frrom various suppliers. This year there will be no middle man - there will only be the Miller Man.

Membership dues are significantly reduced to $69 USD for 2020, which basically means that we will be putting more of the kit decisions in the hands of you, the members. While there will still be a few team-wide goodies (and a few surprises!) in your kit pack (which you will receive BEFORE the 2020 race season), we are moving towards offering as many low-cost high-quality items as possible to only those members who want them.

Membership benefits include, but are not limited to:
- a sweet swag bag/kit pack along with access to purchase low-cost, high-quality Rooster Endurance items
- ** This includes last year's Jakroo items as seen at
- discounted pre-entry into the 2020 Sworry Trials/Ode To Laz Backyard Ultra
- a huge variety of team offers and discount codes, care of the Miller Man @Zach Miller and also shared codes from @AJ Baucco
- access to the team-only area of this forum (including past years! Delicious)
- participaction* in team challenges througout the winter and season, starting in December! (* yes I said "participaction"!)
- support, help, tips, and good-natured trash talk among team members across the full spectrum of endurance sports
- access to the team facebook group
- the ability to say you're a member of the Mediocrest Team in Multisport™
- rub elbows with such multisport celebs as @bbculp , @rangamel , @Devon Palmer on the internet's ONLY multisport-focused, triathlon-branded, old-school forum

Without further adieu, here are some examples of what you can expect for gear this year!

Jakroo: from (please don't attempt to make a purchase from their store, we will collect orders once the team is finalized)

Budgey Smugglers:

Other goodies, thanks to the Miller Man:



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