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Ironman Boulder-Daerr and Griffin results reinstated by USAT

EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete, POTM
Post by Leon Griffin. Thoughts? Appealed to USAT.

Makes sense that USA Triathlon would reinstate since they let Goss do whatever course she wants :).

However, in all seriousness, the difference was that Daerr and Griffin were told to turn around early by volunteer, missing approximately 100m on one loop of the run course.
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    idking90idking90 Member, Pro Triathlete
    What's interesting is how long this took. I'm assuming these two guys lost their KQ points for that race, so I also wonder how this impacted the rest of their respective seasons' planning.
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    MartinMartin Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    Well-meaning but misinformed volunteers are a problem to be solved during a race, just like nutrition and a flat tire.

    Were they penalized in any way? Applying something like the equivalent of a 4-minute stand-down
    would seem fair, no?
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    MattMatt Member, Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member
    100m from the run course? And what about cutting the swim course short in Kona by almost 200m?
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    EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete, POTM
    @Martin they were both DQ'ed. They got that reversed. Quite a penalty for listening to those who are directing on course.

    The problem is that when you are racing and a race official tells you where to go or directs you, you tend to follow.

    I mean, what if there was a car accident down the road and they needed to redirect the race due to a road closure (unanticipated) for safety reasons? You listen, even if you don't see the car accident 1/2 mile down the road. If a volunteer is standing somewhere and directing runners I believe they were put there by a race official or someone in that capacity and are doing their job.

    Many number of years ago there was a situation at CapTex tri where a person associated with the race came up and told the pack of swimmers to go a certain way. It was the wrong way. Everyone in that pack followed the direction EXCEPT Andy Potts, who completed the prescribed course. Who got Dq'ed? All the guys that listened to the race official/jet ski guy.

    So, there is some discrepancy on this--do you do the prescribed course or listen to the person telling you there is a change? And, it needs to be looked at differently than cutting the course (on purpose or unintentionally). The race officials at Boulder needed to look at the situation as what happened on that day and not a blanket enforcement of "you do the whole course or you are Dq'ed" rule.

    As for points and $$, no idea what they are going to do there. With doping they don't reallocate prize $$ so I bet WTC might be stingy.
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    idking90idking90 Member, Pro Triathlete
    @EmilyCocks They don't reallocate for doping?
    Do they at least require convicted dopers to relinquish any prize money when a ban is backdated?
    Note, XTERRA didn't strip Weiss of his world title he won a month before a long-standing investigation on him came to a close, so my hopes aren't high here.
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    EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete, POTM
    the person caught for doping gives the prize $$ back (if they tested positive at a race). Then WTC keeps it. Classy.

    I don't know exactly how backdated stuff works. But, no matter what, no reallocation to those who effectively "move up" when someone is DQ'ed for doping.

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