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Wildflower Weekend

Myself and a few southern california triathletes are going to head up to Lake San Antonio the weekend of the 28th and 29th to "do" Wildflower. From what I can gather, the campground is open, and the original lake is swimmable so we could do the old course. Anyone interested?
We'd hide some bottles on course the night before, and a few of the college guys will no doubt treat it like an all out race.
GasBombkjrunninccochraneneil5youngAaronWebsteyPreachSwansonGranpa ChookMrMattKelly O'Mara


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    Can't make it, but love the idea. Should be plenty of water.

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    I've been thinking about how to get down there - this sounds great. Going to run it by the Mrs this weekend but hoping to join.

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    wchevronwchevron Member, POTM
    Is the lake back up to original levels with all the rain they've been getting?
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    It's not up to original levels, but it's open for boating and swimming.
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    That's pretty cool, whoever organized this is awesome.
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    Lake is at 55%, last year we raced at 8%. They need 20% to race at Lynch, so yeah, it's looking good.
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    Looks like the campsites are first-come first-serve during this soft open, but we're going to hook up the pop-up camper and roll down on Friday to try and meet y'all.

    Shall we try to plan a time to meet up Saturday morning for a swim? I'm probably not doing the race-sim, but I'd like to ride the old course on Saturday, and maybe run a bit Sunday morning.

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    A group of 15-20 of us will be arriving at the campgrounds this Friday Afternoon.
    Swim start is set at 8AM Saturday, but we will discuss with other groups there if they want to change it. Several guys will be "racing" it, but many will just be out for a group swim and ride of the course. Come join us!
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    Had a couple Friday afternoon meetings get scheduled, so we pulled the plug on this weekend. Don't think we'd make it to the campsites before 9 or so. Too late with the munchkins.


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    EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete, POTM
    would love to see pics of the lake! Sorry I couldn't make it---had to help with an event here in Napa.

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