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Rooster Endurance 2021

AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
edited December 2020 in Main
Merry holidays, everyone!

During a recent meeting of the minds with @PreachSwanson and @Zach Miller , it was decided that Rooster Endurance will continue to wiggle our wattles in 2021. This year, we won't be asking for team membership fees. For everyone who has endured being a member of this team on top of all the other hell that 2020 has rained down upon us, your patience and understanding could be modestly rewarded from our remaining budget!

This year will be sort of a "holding pattern". New members are always welcome! But we will not be putting on a big push for new people like in the past. If we can all get through the 2021 season together, that's a success in my books.

Please let us know if you're in for 2021 via this thread, the FB group at , email or DM myself or Miller or Preach, you know. We'll just update the 2020 spreadsheet with a "in for 2021" field and we'll include anyone who's interested in whatever rewards and orders we put together this year.

We will be doing monthly challenges with actual prizes, a few random-ish giveaways, and for anyone who wants team gear, we will organize whatever people want and a few fun extras.

I just started doing a few slow and short workouts after a few months of back injury - I am fired up to get back in the f'ing saddle, cut a few lbs, and get back to being one of the fastest fat guys in our local Zwift community. Please people, help me start putting a few years back onto my already-severely-shortened-by-horrible-living life!

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