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Shameful self promotion

KHilgendorfKHilgendorf Member, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
edited August 2020 in Main
Like all the spam ads from Australia on here, I'm going to promote myself and my new(ish) job as a financial advisor with Edward Jones. If any of you multi-millionaire triathletes want some help giving your money away, reach out!

For the rest of you, I am looking to help people get an idea of their overall financial picture and develop roadmaps to reach their goals (blah, blah, some other flowery-type prose that makes me sound like a selfish shill - which I suppose I am). Seriously, though, I do want to help answer questions anyone might have as it relates to retirement, education, or international woman of mystery status. If you're interested in getting some pretty visuals of your financial health and developing a long-term plan for meeting those goals, hit me up. This way I won't be hounding you all at the #sworrytrials next summer (that's a lie. I still will). Also, it's completely free of commitment (I'm looking at you @Brew_Tri) and charge.

@AaronWebstey feel free to ban me from the forum.
  1. Am I way too strong of a contributor to the forum for Aaron to ban?3 votes
    1. Yes.
    2. No, you're an ass. The forum (and likely, the world) would be better off without you.


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