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Local racing

wchevronwchevron Member, POTM
Did a local 1/2 marathon on Sunday. 5k, 10k, & half. About 200 people total. Right before the race, the event director made an announcement that he wrote his cell number on all the course markings so if anyone was having an issue or felt they couldn't finish, they could call him and he'd pick them up.
Then said if anyone was in that situation, he give them free entry to next years race. Didn't want anyone to feel pressured that they had to continue if they bit off more than they could chew.
Thought it was a great gesture.
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    Brew_TriBrew_Tri Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    I'm not giving my cell number to any of you.

    But yeah it's nice to see someone actually care about the racers. True customer service seems to have been lost in big triathlons. It seems like it's always the local sponsors that come through at bigger races. Something about being local helps with actually caring...
    M_WareTad_MKenElPescadoPeladoCraig_DJennifer Postrangamel
    Yay Sports! :#
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    M_WareM_Ware Member, Rooster Endurance Member, Level 2 Supporter
    @Brew_Tri = 414-867-5309
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    Groovy Auntie to Roosters everywhere
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    KHilgendorfKHilgendorf Member, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
    So is @Brew_Tri shacking up with Jenny, or has he undergone some changes?
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    Brew_TriBrew_Tri Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    She was the only one I could turn to. She was the only one to give me something to hold on to .
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    Yay Sports! :#
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    Craig_DCraig_D Member, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
    I thought for sure that was @AaronWebstey 's office direct line. The message said he's too busy to come to the phone
    Canadian Division
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    teawhymonksteawhymonks Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    Not a big fan of people biting off more than they can swallow :)
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    doyoueventribrodoyoueventribro Member, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
    I did bike support for a local half marathon. It's our winter half, the "long john jaunt" and basically just a race to keep people honest through the winter.

    I loaded up my CX bike with a few bags of those disposable hand warmer pack things. I gave a few out, but I also carried in a lot of gloves/hats/mittens of people that really underestimate how warm you get while running a half marathon

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