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Minimal Multisport Podcast - Ep 9 w/ Dr Nat Collins

gregkgregk Member
Rejoice and praise Odin! Another episode of the Minimal Multisport Podcast has appeared from the ether - CHECK IT! Or in iTunes! Or it's on pretty much every other podcast app that I am aware of!

While the guest may not titillate you quite like Ben Hobbs (not many people have that effect), I think you'll enjoy the conversation with my friend Dr. Nat Collins. We talk about a bunch of stuff, but most interesting to you:

-Why focusing on one activity (i.e. triathlon, running, etc) with a death grip leads to long term health problems and a lack of basic mobility
-Nat tells a story about trying to run the Grand Canyon (rim-to-rim-to-rim) on about 30-40 miles per week of training plus lots of weights. Didn't work out well.
-How to strengthen them glutes all the way to super-stardom
-There may or may not be some jokes sprinkled in (allegedly) relating to Crossfit, Mr Greenfield, the Mobility WOD dude, and others. I can neither confirm nor deny this information... and I honestly don't remember how much of it is in the regular episode vs bonus show.
-Speaking of which - THANK YOU to people who signed up on Patreon and shopped through my Amazon banner. I should have the bonus material for this episode up in the next day.

Oh, and I think you'll enjoy hearing the ad read for my FIRST sponsor - the Rooster Endurance Team!
The Dude at Minimal Multisport Podcast, Blog, and YouTube.

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