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New Bike Hunt - 2018 vs. 2019 CAAD12

KenElPescadoPeladoKenElPescadoPelado Member, Rooster Endurance Member
Hey bike braniacs, here's what I'm eyeing for my next roadie, a Cannondale CAAD12, probably with 105 - I'll likely swap it out with my Ultegra 6800 groupset, but this way I'll have something worthwhile to move over to my "B" bike (more on that later).

Seeing some shops that have both 2018 and 2019 models in stock, but there seem to be some (possibly) significant differences in specs. Not sure if I've seen the visibly obvious differences side-by-side in any local store, but there are also some specs that have me scratching my head. Anybody got insight on these?


-Different wheel package
-Different gearing - does this imply long cage to handle the 11-30 on the 2019?
-105 7000 on the 2019 - is it likely that the 2018 is 5800? Any major improvements?
-Saddles - either of these worth a damn, or will I likely be dumping them either way?
-The 2018 specifies "SPEED SAVE"frame/fork and "butted 6061" bars - but any actual differences here, or just a shorter description for the same components?
-BB30A crankset on the 2019 is supposed to be wider and asymetrical - any thoughts on the benefits of this? I have actually had a fitter tell me to use pedal spacers...

I welcome all feedback whether helpful or ridiculous.

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    KenElPescadoPeladoKenElPescadoPelado Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    As for the "B" bike, I picked up a 2000 Allez recently, with a hodgepodge of original 9-speed Ultegra, & recently-replaced Sora components. Biggest limitation is it has a short cage RD with 12-25 cassette, so every climb is a huge battle.

    Somehow I don't feel like this bike is a long-term solution, so I'm not really itching to swap the 6800 groupset over from my cracked Felt Z95 frame. But what I get on the CAAD12 is likely what I'd move over to this one, and use it as a dedicated trainer/rain bike. So getting another long cage RD would be attractive, just not completely necessary.

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    MattMatt Member, Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member
    Take the 2019. The new 105 (7000 series) is better than your Ultegra 6800.
    Entry-level wheels from both brands.
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    KenElPescadoPeladoKenElPescadoPelado Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    Thanks @Matt, good insight.
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