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ITU, IOC, WADA etc. and Schoeman

Tad_MTad_M Member, Rooster Endurance Member, Level 2 Supporter, POTM
edited January 2018 in Main
Poll Below:

Schoeman states there was NO postitive, NO AAF, and NO reason for TUE. ITU craftily words that the investigation determined that no AAF was recorded and states all WADA procedures were followed. Isn't that the point of the hackers posting the scans... to ask why no AAF was filed or pursued? That's like the police saying "thanks for dropping off this criminal, but we're letting them go because we determined they haven't been charged with a crime". WADA has stated nothing...... So is it fabricated evidence?

I guess we can let the IOC and ITU slide as "privately and independently" funded for the most part. But WADA gets its funding from governments, which means from the taxpayers. I reject any psychobabble argument that there are government money streams which are not taxpayer derived. This is accounting nonsense. So in my opinion, we, the interested public, are funding the WADA. Certainly I understand that the funding public has no real voice in the eyes of the management in power, but that voice does get heard through active complaint and protest.

Would a slew of letters and inquiries to WADA make a difference? As pointed out in the other threads, the facts don't line up.
  1. Henri doesn't deserve to be badgered, we are idiots and the rest of the world is smarter than us13 votes
    1. "there was no AAF recorded" is simply fact of a broken system giving WADA excuse to do nothing
    2. If it was all fabricated evidence, WADA must say so or demand a TUE or AAF
    3. AG'er Kevin Moats got banned 8 years by IM for "low T", thank goodness the system works, wink wink
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