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Keep The Roost alive for another year, at no cost to you

AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
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For all the Capons and Headless Chickens out there, this site survives on a combination of display ads, online sales commissions, and in the end, your sense of community. Whether you're shopping for the TriRoost Secret Santa exchange, or for your own family's holiday gifts, or just finally pulling the trigger on that 23andMe DNA Test (best of luck to whomever ordered that!), you can help keep the Roost alive at no extra cost to you.

All you have to do is:
1. Canadians: click here, and make this link your bookmark. UK, click here.
2. Shop on using the same browser/app in the next 30 days (bookmarking the link helps!)
3. Can't find it on Try Wiggle. A LOT of tri stuff there.
4. TriRoost T-shirts make great gifts, and the site gets a couple bucks (USD!) for each shirt. USA only, #sworry.
5. Feel great about supporting your 2nd favourite triathlon forum!

A couple notes:
- I can NOT see who made orders on Amazon or any affiliate. I can see what was ordered, but absolutely none of your information gets to me.
- if you do a lot of online shopping on some other site and *really* want to help keep the lights on, let me know. They might have an affiliate program. For instance, I am in the Wahoo affiliate program - click here if you're in the market for a trainer.

Thank you all so much for being here, and for all your support thus far.

If you do feel like donating a bit of your hard-earned dough to help keep the lights on, you now have a couple of options as well.

One-time payments: The TriRoost Digital Tip Jar -
Monthly support (you will contribute toward monthly incentives/prizes for members): TriRoost on Patreon -

As discussed in this post, here is the TRS Radio Amazon Link:

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