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Man who shot cyclists faces only misdemeanors *CALL TO ACTION*

MattMatt Member, Administrator
From 303 Cycling:.

When the sheriff located Scott Brown, age 65, following the incident, Mr. Brown told the sheriff that he keeps handy his pellet gun because he hates squirrels. When he saw us our on tandem bicycle, he said that we were not in his way or impeding his vehicle in any way, but he decided that he “hates bikes” as well, because they “mess up the trails.”

Last week, Mr. Brown entered a guilty plea to three misdemeanor counts: Third Degree Assault, Reckless Endangerment, and Launching a Missile at a Vehicle.

Because these are misdemeanors, there are not strong sentencing guidelines in place–there is a maximum possible 2-year county jail term associated with the first count, and otherwise the sentencing is entirely subjective. However, in determining a sentence, the judge and the District Attorney will consider impact statements from victims and the community.

If you would like to send a message, here are the steps:

1- Send an email message to Deputy District Attorney Claire Czajkowski at this email address: (crazy spelling–just cut and paste


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    Playing devil's advocate, this is probably the same charge he would have faced if he had shot at a car or pedestrian, so hard to say that it's hugely unreasonable. He's not going to get more than community service and hopefully a firearms safety course.

    We had a nasty little trap set for cyclists (or runners in the dark) in our neighbourhood recently. Not sure what charge they would lay, but probably misdemeanor mischief (and they would be pursued in civil court for the damages caused to the cyclist).
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    @Martin yikes that's scary!! I have worried about that sort of thing on the bike path that I commute on. The worst thing that I can recall on our path is tacks to give people flats.

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