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A Jogger Dubbed The "Mad Pooper" Is Terrorizing Colorado Springs

I think this is the ideal discussion board to discuss this.


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    KenElPescadoPeladoKenElPescadoPelado Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    They should probably change the signs at the crosswalks on that street.

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    MattMatt Member, Administrator
    "Where in the World in Charmin Sandiego"
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    That's sounds like a shitty situation.

    Sorry, that was like a bad @KenElPescadoPelado joke.

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    simonsen77simonsen77 Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    Runs on the run?
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    I'll just say it outright, I poop on runs all the fucking time. Any run around 15km there's probably a 75% chance I'm going to stop to drop one. I have IBD and although not flaring I have a lot of intestinal scarring which speeds up food transfer time and still has some unpredictable bowel movements.

    That said, I've only shit on someones lawn once or twice, and one of those times was on a dark winter night when I squatted directly over the sewer grate onto Pennywise's smug clown face.

    If you're going to shit while on a run, try to figure out public bathrooms, porta potties or good wooded sections. I can escape 20-30 feet off the road into the woods and drop a log and nobody will ever know. There are also lots of apps where you can review public washrooms. I recommend the "go here" app if you're in canada because it's developed by the peeps and Crohn's and Colitis Canada.

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    idking90idking90 Member, Pro Triathlete
    Phew. Fortunately I'm at the other end of the Front Range metro area, so I know this isn't about the bad tacos I had last week.
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    EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete
    edited September 2017
    She plans it too, carries toilet paper. I think she has a fetish for pooping in public--the fear of getting caught in the act gets her hot and bothered and ready to drop a deuce.
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    scottyscotty Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    I used to drive a lot for work, and the best advice I can give is: hotel bathrooms. They're usually pristine, empty, and if you're lucky you can grab some free lobby sundries on the way out. You'll never stop at a gas station again.

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    MamaCheetahMamaCheetah Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    edited September 2017
    The hubs just said in all seriousness, "I'm glad it's not a picture of my wife!" he is such a worry wart.

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