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Go screw yourself, wife

According to a Time Mag article from 2014 'David' is #1 on the top 10 list of men that make the best husbands ( I pointed this out to Ms. Hansen who promptly got pissed off. This summarizes Jennie's response: "How the f#%k is someone named 'Louise' number 3 on this list? There's no way a women named Louise is attractive. She probably just sucks a lot of dick to make up for it..."

Ryan HeislerAaronWebsteyBasementbiker
Living life in pursuit of triathlon greatness and not pissing off my wife. Also trying to understand Dark Mark and why he's left New York yet again, but this time for Oklahoma. At least it's not Florida.


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    TheoTheo Member

    She probably just sucks a lot of dick

    to be fair, that is #1 on the list of criteria to be a "best wife"
    Ryan Heisler_MurManAaronWebsteyBasementbiker
    seems like kind of an asshole =)
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    James LangeJames Lange Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    It also help's if it her husband's dick.

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    ItsShugItsShug Member, Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
    Well she's not wrong..
    seriously though, blow jobs go a long way.

    I know I'm not saying anything ground breaking here.
    Demotivational Speaker
    Master of the Absurd - King of all Polls
    Kansas Native
    Tweets Me  Follow ItsShug
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    _MurMan_MurMan Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    I don't even know any girls name Louise.. Everyone must have already wifed them all up cause of the blow job thing...
    Sean Murnane - East Coast Hooligan
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    for anyone that is a fan of punk music...check out NOFX - Louise.....sums that up real quick.
    village idiot
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    BoboBobo Member
    Women don't really understand women, do they...
    "I'm just like everybody else, except Bigger & Bolder & Better in every way"
    West.  Rhymes with "Best"
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    Strangest thing...this week I couldn't remember a friend from high school's first name. You guessed it: Louise. No idea regarding the quantity or quality of her 'skills' but she was a very nice person. But that's an N of 1, my entire life in terms of the name of a contemporary
    Aspiring Team TRS (2016?) Currently East (but West via Mentality & History)

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