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TRS Radio Episode 112 - The Man

AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, TRS/Baucco Team Member
Get it on iTunes.

About 22 mins into the ep. So far a pretty "triathlon-y" interview, but when The Man wants to talk about a high fat diet, you let The Man talk about his fucking high fat diet! Loving it so far. #crumblinggranitebutt


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    M_WareM_Ware Member, Level 2 Supporter
    edited July 2017
    Great answer to 'what are you reading', even though the question Ben asked was 'what book have you gifted?' Thanks @TRS_tri.
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    Jennifer PostJennifer Post Member, Level 2 Supporter
    I liked what The Man said about ITU and the quality and consistency of their races and race coverage. I love the live broadcasts but the experience watching live can't be beat. I've been lucky enough to see several ITU races in person. (San Diego, Budapest Grand Final, and 2xStockholm. One Stockholm year included mixed relay.) The laps through transition, broadcast footage on big screen in front of grandstands, live host hyping up the audience and providing race updates just can't be beat.

    ITU races make fans feel like they are appreciated and important. The few WTC races I've attended, make fans feel like an afterthought.
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    Dark_markDark_mark Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member, TRS/Baucco Officers
    that was a great 5 questions whoever wrote them
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    EmilyCocksEmilyCocks Member, Pro Triathlete
    Dave liked to dominate that conversation just like he tried to do with his opponents.
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    GasBombGasBomb Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member, Level 2 Supporter
    So is the Four Seasons nice?

    Clay Richard Gasway
    King of all Mediocrity
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    KenElPescadoPeladoKenElPescadoPelado Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    Haven't finished listening just yet but just caught this Rüster deal in the show notes. Just in time for Aruba! Thanks for working that out @TRS_tri, I know you've been plugging away at TJ for a long time.

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    AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, TRS/Baucco Team Member
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    The man talked about his heart problems

    could there be a link between long term high fat diet and his condition?
    ill let myself out........
    AaronWebsteybalsdorfTad_MkjrunninRobert Rankinfyrehaarhaywarmi
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    BHobbsBHobbs Member
    I think the high fat diet is very new.
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    I wish he defined "high fat, low carb" in terms of percentages. And the skinny fat thing sounds way more like insufficient protein and strength training than carb/fat balance. But what do I know?

    *checks consistency of glute muscles*

    OK, I guess I know something!
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    Craig_DCraig_D Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
    @fyrehaar I just did Calgary 70.3 while being on a LCHF. There's another discussion on it. I'll update it in the next day or so. It was very interesting for sure. PR'd my half IM time by almost 45 minutes. Finished in 5 hrs 12 min
    Canadian Division

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