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If you are a pro triathlete, please click here to DM AaronWebstey for access to the 'Pros-only' private forum. Don't forget to include your real name, and a link to pro race result would be great if you're a 1st-year pro.

Help Wanted: t-shirt design. Coming soon: TriRoost t-shirts

AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
As a newly-minted 'Merch By Amazon' participant, I will be posting a few t-shirt designs for sale ASAP. Final cost TBD, probably about $20 USD + shipping (give or take a couple bucks). If sales are good enough, I will begin awarding a t-shirt to future POTM winners. If sales are really good, I will retroactively award past winners as well.

While I am smart, handsome, great at exercise practice, and super humble, I do have a weakness - style. While I am not physically colour blind, I may as well be. If I design these t-shirts, we will sell a half dozen sympathy units to die-hards and then nobody will hear of them again.

If you are interested in helping out, and are actually good at designing cool shit, I will be extremely surprised provide you with the required resources to create a design. There are templates for Illustrator, Photoshop, and GIMP that make the graphics parts super easy; it's the concept, design, layout, and colours that are the challenging bits. Successful candidate(s) will receive a stipend of gratitude in the form of 1 free t-shirt (shipping included), as well as an exclusive forum badge, my eternal thanks, and of course, the glowing admiration of your peers. If that's not enough, DM me and we can talk (I will show you the Roost's PayPal balance, and then we'll both have a good laugh before you flat out refuse to be taken advantage of).

Sadly, Merch By Amazon does not currently ship outside the USA. To that effect, if anybody is interested in shipping t-shirts to Canadians (or advising whether this is even legal), please DM me.




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