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The future of shoe selection

Here's my prediction for the future of shoe questions on triathlon websites.

Thread Title: "What shoe?"
  • OP: "I need new shoes, and rather than trying some on I thought I would ask for help, because since we all come to this site, we all have exactly the same feet and biomechanical issues, amiright?"
  • "It depends."
  • "There are, like, 50 threads about this already. Why don't you search those?"
  • "You should totally buy those shoes if you are in my age group."
  • "Cut the tongue out to save a watt."
  • "NewShoes claims their tongue saves 3 watts."
  • "I tested mine in a wind tunnel."
  • "That wind tunnel is unreliable."
  • MOD: "Let's agree that wind tunnels exist, but not say anything negative about any of them."
  • "You don't run 30 mph, why did you test your shoes that way?"
  • "I am crowdfunding a wind tunnel test to prove that NewShoes' claims are puffery at best."
  • "I started a thread about the shoes I am buying with the insurance money I received after being run over by a horse."
  • OP: "I found my old shoes on sale, so I bought them online."
  • "This is why local shoe stores are closing."
It does not have to be this way. Let's try to unite everyone around the idea that if you are going to ask for shoe advice beyond where to get them cheap, you must first provide information on at least 3 of the 4 following items:

1. Position - You will post pictures of yourself running, so we can mock your position, or offer random opinions on your pronation or supination from side-on shots.
2. Power testing - Provide double blind testing using an in-shoe power meter based on your stride rate and length to justify your shoe choice, and this only after being fit using a system which is endlessly debated and occasionally mocked, along with the credentials of the shop employee that you mistakenly chose to be fit by, rather than driving 300 miles to the other guy.
3. Wind tunnel testing - Provide exhaustive results using multiple shoes to ensure your foot angle is appropriate for the shoe you have chosen. (And don't get me started on the aero impacts of hand position, hat position, and full calf compression v ankle v no socks...)
4. Aesthetic preference - You are allowed to buy shoes simply because you like the colour and design. Everyone knows red shoes are fastest.

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