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Barkley marathons....



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    This is pretty awesome, saw it linked from @Kelly O'Mara 's If We Were Riding newsletter - the BM 2016 participants' before-and-after photo gallery.

    Some of them looked pretty weathered before they ever started, but others... you can really tell they got fucked up out there.
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    Robert RankinRobert Rankin Member
    edited March 2018
    This is the EMJ guy that finished last year after 3 loops in 2015. Really not certain if he started lap 4 that year but gives you an idea of how tough it is at only 60% finished. Fun reading social media of everyone saying they’d like to try it. 100 miles is hard, there it looks impossible. Nevermind the fact I couldn’t find my way out of a wet paper bag with a compass in hand.

    EDITED to add: found his blog and he didn’t start the 4th lap that year.


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    One thing about those pictures that I really like, is how many of the runner with modest goals achieved them. The people who were all "I'mma probably do one loop." and they do it. I love realistic expectations.
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    HoltyHolty Member
    Awesome to see this thread on here. I've been following the race the last couple years. There is a new documentary out this year following Gary in 2016 and 2017. It is really good!

    I bought the documentary, but looks like it is coming to YouTube in May.
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