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TRS Episode 101 - The Actual Starky

Favorite quote: Mark say's "the only people that would be offended are fucking their sisters." This is quality entertainment folks!

On a serious note, I really hope Andrew comes back and absolutely crushes a race sometime in the near future. The sport is better with him in it!
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    I always love when I get mentioned. For a second I get to pretend Ben and Mark are my friends.

    Now I've got to go not talk to my wife
    Zach Boring, Overly Average Looking Man
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    @Zach Boring You are our friend. And I would be happy to go not talk to your wife, if you know what I mean.
    AaronWebsteyKenElPescadoPeladoGasBombneil5youngGranpa ChookBrent_RTad_MachrowiczMartin
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    I particularly liked "I've been picked up by a few men in my day." Not surprising, as much like Derek Zoolander, @Dark_mark is really, really ridiculously good looking.

    I hope you, too, one day build a tiny school for kids to read good, Mark.
    Craig DTad_Machrowicz
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    @ItsShug have you heard if @TRS_tri is coming to KS in June, is @Dark_mark ? I think you might be just the person to organize a cow tipping.
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    Very enjoyable conversation. I call BS though, I don't think he knew it was Ben prank calling him.
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    One of those rare TRS podcasts, where I end up wishing I could get my time back. I was not impressed with him at all. After listening to his interview, it became clear to me why so few triathletes stepped up to support him after his incident in the middle east and the drama-rama about his claims of being jailed and paying "blood money." Happy to hear his son is doing better though. I donated $50 but given that he voted for Trump, I wish I could get the $50 and put it towards someone losing their Obamacare.
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    18% or 20 if the service is exceptional.....

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    @Jennifer Post the blood money was real. Lance Armstrong ended up having to pay it.
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    He just had his facts wrong on a lot of stuff (and he qualified most his statements with "i don't know for sure"). Example: Lauren Barnett won several 70.3s (took down Kessler a few times) and got 9th at 70.3 worlds in Austria. Racine was definitely NOT her first win.
    Granpa Chookjimmymstevenson
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    Dark_mark said:

    @Jennifer Post the blood money was real. Lance Armstrong ended up having to pay it.

    I recall the blood money payment being confirmed. Didn't realize it was paid by LA though.

    The part that I think was exaggerated for dramatic effect was his time in jail. His re-telling implied he had spent a fair amount of time locked up when it came out later it was like 1 night. But it was true that he wasn't allowed to leave until money was paid. Still a bad situation but I remember Omar Nour doing a piece that shed a bit of light on the cultural differences that gave some context.

    I just brought it up because I remember during the time that I was surprised so few Pros were stepping up to support him and I wondered why. I thought the situation of hitting a volunteer and continuing to race after medics arrived is a choice many pro triathletes would have made so they would relate. After hearing his interview, it was more clear to me why more pros didn't show support and why he is one of the more polarizing figures in triathlon.

    GasBombGranpa Chookrangamel

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