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2016 Cervelo P3 - buy or pass

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Last year I grunted through 5 tri's, mostly flat. I did so on a Trek Madone 5.9 fitted with clip-on aero bars. Most training rides done on the Kickr but when I did get out the back-n-forth from aero bar to shifter drove me batty at times. A couple events I rode with left hand on aero, and right hand on shifter due to rolling hills.

So, I have wanted to get a tri bike for this year vs my band-aid approach... And have come across a stock 2016 P3 just under $3k from our LBS.

Any thoughts on the bike overall? Or whether my money should be saved and put toward something else?


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    Yep. 54cm and I'm right at 5-9.
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    What are the stock components (groupset, wheels, bars)?
    Does it come with a fitting session?
    As you improve, will you be able to adapt to a more aggressive position?

    You can usually get a super deal on a used frameset/bike from the "one-and-done" or the "yearly upgrade" triathletes.
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    I've got a P2 and R3. Pretty happy with them, and there have been easy upgrades available. Totally recommend the brand if it works for you.

    That being said, the P2 to P3 difference can be negligible. If it's mechanical Ultrgra with the mavic wheels, maybe look at the P2 and have some $$ for Di2 or better wheels.
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    x2 on what @Matt and @simonsen77 have already said. I also have a P2 and have no complaints.

    Clay Richard Gasway
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    Oh, and one other thing. Is there anything you'd want to move between bikes? Specifically thinking of a power meter. Cervelos use a 89mm wide bottom bracket. Think the Trek is a PF90? Shimano cranks could go back and forth but not sure about other kinds.
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    You could get a p2 for less and not be sacrificing much if the P3 you're looking at is mechanical. If it's the di2 version then $3000 is a sweet deal and I'd jump on it.

    Like @simonsen77 said, in terms of power meter, you can also rig up FSA 386evo cranks and use a stages for both.....maybe.

    For $3k I'd be more prone to look for a slightly used bike and race wheels. I guarantee you could get di2 and a decent set of race wheels on a 2013/2014 model year bike.
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    Thanks everyone. Stock specs appear to be FSA Gossamer crankset, mechanical Ultegra 6800 11SPD, Mavic Cosmic wheels, ISM Prologue saddle.

    I would not be shifting anything from the Madone to the TT bike as my gf has her eyes on the Madone as her first bike... :)

    As for getting a used bike I would only be leary of not knowing what I was getting. With the Trek, I got a 5.2 from the LBS and the frame cracked a month later. Luckily, warranty was honored and they took care of it. Trek was out out of the same 5.2 model I had, so they upgraded me to the 5.9 for free.

    But I have been looking around at used bikes nonetheless...

    Thx for all the advice.
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    My first two tri bikes were used. I quickly learned with my third, new tri bike that I'll fuck up a new bike just as quickly as a used one, and used is the best way to go. Fourth tri bike also used.

    Most frames are splitting hairs when it comes to how aero the are. Difference comes from position and your ability to ride it (fit). Also suggest a disc wheel.
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    I bought my P2 used as well. The seat clamp cracked thanks to a over zealous LBS hand, however it's otherwise been solid. I had to rig the seat post to keep it from sliding down while I ride.
    I would just really look it over carefully and check the torque points for any cracking because those areas usually can not be repaired (no one would touch mine).

    Don't worry though, word has it Dan himself (the creator of bicycles, wetsuits, triathlon and confusing articles) is going to be writing a piece about buying a used bike in the near future over on the twitch. Once you read that, I am sure you will be an expert - assuming you can decipher the encrypted message.
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    i think the P3 would be a great first TT bike. i've got nothing but good things to say about my first cervelo. also, the P3 isn't so proprietary that you're stuck if you want to upgrade, change components, shift things around, etc. in the future. so it's a good move, i think. Ultegra is fantastic.

    as for new/used. who cares? if buying new gets you peace of mind and you can afford it, then just go for it. under $3K sounds great and i imagine your LBS throws in a fitting or two on top of it which is savings as well that you'd pay for a used bike.

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