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Best, yet (semi) affordable, bottom bracket - 2013 Shiv Pro and 2014 QR PR6

DHansenTriDHansenTri Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member
Or should I instead say best bang for the buck bottom... Wife and I both need a new bottom bracket and am trying to figure out what to get. I believe my crappy Shiv uses a BB30 adapter (SRAM crank) and Jen's PR6 is a PF30 (Shimano crank). First, am I right on the bottom bracket sizes? Second, what do you think I should buy?

Living life in pursuit of triathlon greatness and not pissing off my wife. Also trying to understand Dark Mark and why he's left New York yet again, but this time for Oklahoma. At least it's not Florida.


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    Tad_MTad_M Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member, Level 2 Supporter
    edited June 2016
    First, It's hard to define price/value to you and your wife since you are making a living at this. If you believe friction facts bottom bracket studies, the best to worst bottom bracket choices range from .29 to 2.1 watts of drag, and it's not necessarily related to bottom bracket type or price/level of hardware. Hmmmm. Let's just say for a second that there may be 1 watt difference between two bottom brackets you consider. In an ironman, the bike calculator algorithm says that may create 30 seconds of difference. Those same folks show that proper chain lube/maintenance can easily double that difference. So, it seems that saving money on bottom brackets may be a wise place as compared to other spending.

    Is 30 seconds worth a $110 Hawk bottom bracket vs. a $40 wheels mfg bracket (I'm not claiming that the Hawk even has the advantage over the to them about that.) Hawk is getting lots of buzz, but I swear by Wheels Mfg. products for value. Again, I'm not a racer.

    Either way, both their techs can show you the proper product and adapters for which crank you have into that odd OSBB frame shell. I believe its a PF30 format but a 61mm shell, so you have to ensure proper spacing to result in a final 68mm width or proper choices of shells/bearings/adapters. Your SRAM crank may be a BB30/PF30 or it may be a GXP, either way, those companies techs will get you in the right combo of widgets.

    Same story for the PR6 just different adapters for the Shimano crank, except the BB frame shell is a BB30 and there is not a weird spacing issue with that one. Again, whichever product you go with, just have their techs define the bulletproof solution.

    #Sworry 2019 - See you there!
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    Tad_MTad_M Member, TRS/Baucco Team Member, Level 2 Supporter
    Go Zach Miller!!!
    That 50% is killer!

    #Sworry 2019 - See you there!

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