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Drinkin Games! Relive those college years...

Brew_TriBrew_Tri Member, Rooster Endurance Member
What kind of drinking games did you guys play in school, assuming you went to school? Here's a list of what I play:

Beer pong
Flip Cup
Edward 40 handz
Irish Poker
Tour de Franzia
Drinking Triathlon
Power Hour(Various genres)
Circle of Death
tons of dice games

My roommates and I are getting bored with what we got, so I am going inter-generational(Not sure of that's a word) with this.
Yay Sports! :#


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    AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
    Flip cups was just getting started when I was in school. That was my favourite. On rookie day, we used to play Roxanne by The Police; girl rookies drink to the word "Roxanne", guy rookies drink to "turn on the red light". Everyone gets hosed.

    We once hosted an event called the Beer Kumite (pronounced 'koomitay'; based on Bloodsport with van Damme). Competitors drink a beer every 20 minutes, last man/woman standing wins. DQ if you pass out, puke, or fail to finish a beer on time. Caveat: if you DQ by puking, you can 're-enter the ring' by eating said puke.

    I got to 14 or so (based on the scoreboard, I don't quite recall) and woke up naked from the waist down with my jacket on, on my bed, with all blankets on the floor.
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    I spent many nights in college sitting around a table playing Bullshit.
    Ryan HeislerBrew_TriDHansenTri
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    WTC Free since 2010

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    Beer pong is played with paddles. Beirut is when you throw it.

    We played flip cup with liquor once. That went well.

    @MorganStyer we had a variation of Bullshit, known as Bullshit Pyramid. Same idea as bullshit, except your cards are face down; you only get to look at them once. If someone called bullshit, you had to find the correct card(s) that you were just called on. Flip over the wrong card? Just the same as if you were lying. In other words: game was guaranteed to get you shithoused.
    Resident Gear Guru
    Bike Crash Free Since August 4th, 2014
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    Thumper(super troopers)
    Tons of beer pong
    Drink a beer.
    village idiot
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    _MurMan_MurMan Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    edited February 2015
    Drinking Jenga.
    Up the River Down the River.
    Fuck the Dealer.
    3 man (dice game 3 or more works best)

    And who the fuck said drinking games have to end after college???
    Sean Murnane - East Coast Hooligan
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    Mark_after_DarkMark_after_Dark Member, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers, POTM
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    HSeeley14HSeeley14 Member, Rooster Endurance Member, POTM
    Goon of Fortune. Although this will require some logistical planning.
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    I just like that the kids are still playing Edward 40handz. I LOVED that one. I was also the only one of my friends that did.
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    Best drinking game there is. I call it "Refill until empty."
    ADRBilly_MurManoldmanchadkevinschummerAaronWebsteyRyan Heisleryournotunique
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    1. Drink until I'm pretty then mind games.
    2. Be not drunk enough at 0300 to buy, any girl willing, a Burrito and hope it works.
    3. True Story, somehow, don't remember how, get a Tazer (non-dart throwing kind) and see who can last the longest zap and/or the instant winner taking one in the Sack. Girls Loved This One.
    AaronWebsteyRyan HeislerHSeeley14
    TRS WEST - NOLA, Miller Lite Drinking Truck Driver
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    No mention of quarters yet... wtf? none of you played quarters? Fuckin amateur hour up in here.
    Living life in pursuit of triathlon greatness and not pissing off my wife. Also trying to understand Dark Mark and why he's left New York yet again, but this time for Oklahoma. At least it's not Florida.
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    AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
    @College_tri you should create triathlon drinking game - like you watch Kona and drink whenever someone says "ripped her top off", or listen to the latest @TheRealStarky podcast and drink whenever he belches or chug when @Dark_Mark gets to ask a question.
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    Brew_TriBrew_Tri Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    We created the drinking triathlon, world record so far is 1.32 with trannys(transitions).
    swim(cap and goggles)=shotgun beer
    bike(helmet and shades. unbuckled helmet=Penalty shot)=2 shots plus 2 quarters into said shot glasses. Gu chaser only after quarters are made.
    run(hat and shades, crazy hats are encouraged)=one beer split among 3 flip cups.

    The risk of losing quarters is too high and laundry has to be done at some point.

    Doing a team power hour tonight, this will be updated on twitter probably.
    Yay Sports! :#
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    AaronWebsteyAaronWebstey Administrator, Rooster Endurance Member, Rooster Endurance Officers
    Oh I feel like I've seen that before :)
    Brew_TriRyan Heisler
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    yournotuniqueyournotunique Member, Rooster Endurance Member
    edited February 2015
    We have a game called Bull Moose that we still play. And, literally, the first rule is if you know the rules you *have* to play. And it doesn't ever stop. If the other players catch you breaking the rules you have to chug (or drink as fast as reasonably as possible) whatever your holding. A beer, a shot, a pitcher of beer, a jar of salsa con quest. I slurred my wedding vows because I broke the rules and my groomsmen wouldn't show mercy. One friend had to chug a half bottle of wine at a funeral.

    There's more mercy as we get older, but not always. We were just at our friend's 40th bday/child's 3rd bday and she got caught and had to chug a bottle right after we sang happy birthday. In front of her parents. >:)
    -I know it's wrong. Blame old AOL character limits. Illadelph |

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