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  • Schoeman

    I remember thinking it was ridiculous too but I did buy into him being sick. I just assumed he got shot up with some type of undetectable super dope before the race. Somehow, if his whole illness before the games was just a farce, that seems even worse to me.
  • Friday Boozing Open Thoughts Thread

    Ouch! Hope you get appointment with your dentist soon.
  • Ranking the Excuses

    @James Lange =) So benevolent of you!

    That Tyler Hamilton one reminds me of Dwight Schrute . . .
  • Schoeman

    BTW, this was all immediately suspicious. At the time. I had a brief and typically vague Twitter exchange with Paulo about this at the time. Basically, I asked Pablo if he thought he could've gotten Pred in order to race and do it with a TUE. Paulo was calling bullshit on this immediately. It was totally and completely blatant and obvious. I assumed that he must've gotten a TUE and my own cynical brain thought that he was faking the illness and going through a charade in order to justify the TUE for Pred and not get busted.

    All of this was just so out in the open it was amazing. His own father said that like 48h before the race he was sicker than he'd ever seen him and that he could barely make it to the pre-race briefing. Just sat there with his hood on or something. Then 48h later in a hot, humid climate on a tough course, he crushes it for a bronze against a great field? No fucking way.

    The level of ridiculousness was Trumpian.
    Granpa ChookTad_Machrowicz
  • Ranking the Excuses

    This article is amazing. To have all the excuses in one place makes them look even dumber.
    Granpa ChookMartinTad_MachrowiczAaronWebsteyMatt
  • Schoeman

    They ruled the action was legal at the time, they are not going to retroactively change the assistance rule if it turns out Schoeman was doping.
    RashJennifer PostTad_MachrowiczAaronWebstey
  • Ranking the Excuses

    This is why I only have sex with my wife 3 times on her birthday.
    Tad_MachrowiczwchevronEmilyCocksCraig DGranpa ChookMartinJennifer PostAaronWebstey
  • Schoeman

    I agree it will be interesting what the ITU might do if he loses his Olympic medal. Even more complicated than usual since Brownlee was assisted by his brother in the race and ITU made a rule change after that.

  • Schoeman

    Will be interesting if the ITU takes action. How do they handle the 2016 ITU series champion? From what I read elsewhere on the internet (therefore it's true) if Schoeman is somehow suspended or has his results revoked due to that positive, that would arguably include his win at Cozumel. Jonathan Brownlee came in second there - if he is elevated to the top step as a result of Schoeman's DQ then that makes Brownlee, not Mola, the 2016 ITU Series Champion.
    Granpa ChookAaronWebstey
  • The always anticipated 3rd annual TRS Secret Santa thread!

    Got a surprise in the mail from my secret santa the other day. So very thoughtful! My daughter is especially excited about making some mini waffles! Thanks, Maggie!!!
    M_WareKenElPescadoPeladowchevronCraig DItsShugAaronWebstey

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