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  • Should I get race specific tires and tubes?

    The Conti GP 4000sII's are the perennial favorite. I got a set of specialized turbo cotton's last year though and they're amazing. The ride quality is so much better and even if, according to internet scientists, they're only slightly better than the 4000sII's they feel a lot faster.

    I've heard people complain that it almost feels like the tires are flat/losing pressure because they're so supple. I haven't noticed that and the guy that told me pumps his tires up to 120psi and when using tubulars to 140psi.
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    A special Friday edition of The Age Group Home.

    MartinwchevronSeanHGasBombCraig Dsimonsen77Steve Halewskifyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    I think there is less text to read here through 3 pages of posts than there is on the first page of that thread. Why does every 3rd post there have to be longer than War & Peace.

    Imagine if every dark mark was instead a fully quoted reply just saying "Ha!"

    Plus, no one seems there seems to realize you don't have to include every word of every post when you quote.
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    I'll spring for the seat repair as long as it's stipulated that Rapp has to race in the bedazzled bikini.
    simonsen77KenElPescadoPeladoidking90balsdorfmaggieruSeanHCraig Dfyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    I am just going to say it--Rapp is an idiot.

    He writes dissertations to defend his point on EVERYTHING.

    Remember the Docherty and Tim Reed IM Texas pass thing--freaking long ass emails.

    He is full of shit.

    I don't know the specifics of the Dimond case but if you are willing to tell us it was "life or death" but then do giveaways for them you are a douchebag.

    No credibility. His story is out there with this post and anything he says differently in court documents will be called out.

    And the go fund me..I can't even begin to express my feeling on that. And throwing in the "i have kids, a family, blah blah blah..." Everyone has something, you aren't special dude.
    I can't like this post enough. Huge, navel-gazing douche. Also, genuinely curious how he supports a family of 6 (!!) on those types of salaries.
    M Warefyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    It took 18 pages, but Stan did get in a comment about him being a bike manufacturer.

    AaronWebsteyidking90GasBombMartinNate_MachdhrmaggieruRobert RankinscottyJennifer PostMattfyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    Welcome at @Nate_Mach some people here are mean and some are unfunny, but we haven't had anybody doing both simultaneously since Ben retired.
    ellsworth53tAaronWebsteyNate_MachTad_MachrowiczCraig DGasBombbalsdorfMartinKenElPescadoPeladoM WareRobert Rankinneil5youngJennifer PostKuchMattfyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    @Nate_Mach very glad to have you, whether or not you remain active on ST! A boringly-common refrain of mine is that the we need ST the same way the CFL needs the NFL. I've been enjoying your posts thus far and have been generally glad to see some new faces since the TRS Radio Pubes episode :)
    MartinNate_MachTad_MachrowiczCraig DGasBombMattfyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    Hmm... Princeton educated engineer gets sued and begs the tri community to bail him out. Maybe he should have considered other paths for his life. Like attending Yale, where he would learn that if his case is cut and dry, a simple counter suit for legal fees and damages will either a) get this tossed out, or b) net him some much needed cash for his kids' futures. Maybe he should have considered not having 4 kids, but that's just a personal hell I hope to never enter.
    I logged in just to give this all the thumbs up. lol. Awesome.
    Granpa Chookellsworth53tAaronWebsteyMartinGasBombM WarekjrunninChristineCoggerfyrehaar
  • So Rapp is being sued by Dimond?

    @Nate_Mach As honorary chairman of the welcoming committee, it's my privilege to present a laurel and hearty handshake to our new................ forum member.

    Seriously, glad you hopped over here.

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