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  • IM Alaska

    There is a livecam on Auke Lake (swim, T1/T2, finish line) and I've been checking it daily since I discovered it existed. Today it is the first time that it has not been raining!

    I am no stranger to an IM in torrential rain, having survived the monsoon that was Ironman Canada 2015. But I really hope it's not like that. Especially since I talked 2 friends who did IMC 2015 with me to also sign up for Alaska. =)

    As for the brewery... challenge accepted!

    StruangM_WareMartinJames LangeAaronWebsteyBrew_Tri
  • 2022 Sworry Trials - Ode to Laz Entry

    Almost free entry into the Ode to Laz. If you're smart enough to be on TriRoost, and brave enough to come visit the Sworry Trials... Run 1 lap up to a million laps of the Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra for $85 off. Use code ROOST 85 at checkout for $85 off.
    ALL OTHER EVENTS ARE FREE!!! (and don't require formal signup)
    Make this the year that the Sworry Trials explodes!

    Brew_TriM_WareAaronWebsteyJames LangeMartin
  • Sworry Trials 2021 - show us your photos!!

    @AaronWebstey I will be there too, got the stamp of approval from my wife yesterday. I barely even had to lie to her about the details.

  • IM Alaska

    @Struang said:

    This is exactly what was tempting me. Just can't currently get insured to travel for it, so not dropping that much money on an event I might not be able to do.

    Yeah, I sure hope it's a different world next year. I can't enter US through a land border right now but can fly in. Looked up return flights from Vancouver to Juneau... about $1200, and there's nothing direct. Or drive across the border and fly from Seattle and it's $335 return for a 2.5h nonstop flight on Alaska Airlines, who don't charge a bike fee.

    *Edited to add: I signed up anyway.

    MartinStruangTad_MJames LangeAaronWebsteywchevron
  • IM Alaska

    attacking bears and moose should help keep folks motivated.

    StruangMartinAaronWebsteyJames LangeTad_M
  • IM Alaska

    So, so tempted. I think the swim will be cold, the bike will be amazing, and the run... well, there are worse places to go for a very long walk, right?

    StruangMartinAaronWebsteyJames LangeTad_M
  • Long time no see.

    Now we know what @ItsShug was doing while he was offline

  • Tokyo Triathlon Fantasy

    @Tad_M — check Instagram, Tommy’s account:

    StruangTad_MAaronWebsteyJames Langekjrunnin
  • Sworry Trials 2021 - show us your photos!!

  • Pacing Long distance Rides

    So I ignored every piece of advice you all gave!

    Ended up on my own plodding through.

    I'd love to claim that finding myself alone, I devised a new plan and stuck to it, but instead I went with the well tried tactics of JFDI!

    It was a long hot day in the saddle, depending where you look it was 24-33°C, realy struggled with that on the long climbs as most had no shade. A group of us from my Tri Club were doing it, 40 started 36 finished. When we met for breakfast this morning there were various tales, the guy who turned a corner on a hill and exclaimed "You can fuck right off!" Seeing there was another steep climb, or the lady who got half way up a 2 mile climb and vented "It's too hot for this shit!" (I think I said/did the same thing much earlier in that climb).

    M_WareMartinJennifer PostJames LangeTad_MAaronWebsteykjrunnin

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